All-new Subaru Outback makes its debut

Subaru Outback car lease front

The all-new Subaru Outback car leasing range has been unveiled and it is built on a new platform.

It’s been built on an all-new platform and the Subaru Outback car leasing range features lots of extra technology and fresh styling.

The new estate is available now and is an impressive mix of SUV and passenger car handling and style.

It has also become the firm’s flagship offering and has become increasingly popular with drivers in the UK.

That’s down to the fact that the all-new Outback delivers comfort, safety, capability and practicality.

Contract hire Subaru Outback

There’s just one engine for the contract hire Subaru Outback and it’s a 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol unit.

The Lineartronic CVT system has also been updated so the automatic transmission has a wider range for more capability.

There’s also improved torque and the driving performance has been boosted.

Subaru says that the Outback will deliver all-weather capability with improved cornering and handling.

Interior is a premium environment

Subaru Outback car lease 2

The interior has been completely revamped and is a premium environment to spend time in.

There’s also a new infotainment system and an 11.6-inch HD display.

This is smartphone compatible and it’s easy to access text messages, maps, podcasts and music.

There’s also a new facial recognition camera system that will recognise up to five people when sitting in the driving seat and it will then adjust automatically the driver’s seat position, air-conditioning choices and door mirror angles.

Performance for the new Outback

The performance for the new Outback also delivers over rough terrain.

And this is, the firm says, the toughest Subaru SUV they’ve yet built with hill descent control for driving on slippery, wet or steep terrain.

There’s also a dirt and snow mode as well as a mode for soft conditions.

The intelligent driving system adjusts the gears and throttle to suit the circumstances and the driver’s style.

Subaru Outback lease

The Subaru Outback lease has been redesigned from the ground up and now features LED headlights, keyless entry and adaptive driving beams.

The windscreen is larger, and drivers also get the option of leather upholstery.

There are three trim levels with a decent equipment list and safety kit includes an accident prevention collision system, adaptive cruise control, speed sign recognition and emergency lane keep assist.

The sixth generation of the Subaru Outback car leasing range is sure to be a popular one with fans of the marque – and those wanting a reliable, well-made contract hire car.