The new Renault Megane RS is revealed

The Renault Megane RS is an impressive offering.
The Renault Megane RS is an impressive offering.

As hot hatches go, the new Renault Megane RS will create a stir.

The new motor will be competing in a competitive segment and take on the likes of the VW Golf GTI and the excellent new Honda Civic Type R.

To help create demand, Renault says this will be the fastest front wheel drive production car available.

The car is now powered by a four-cylinder 1.8 litre turbocharged engine, rather than the 2.0 litre turbo unit, with the new unit developing 276 bhp.

Renault Megane RS is based on the five door hatchback

The Renault Megane RS is based on the five door hatchback with a longer body complete with aggressive styling and a central exhaust and rear diffuser.

There are also 18 inch alloys with 19 inch wheels available as an option.

Renault says the new Megane RS also features a first for the hot hatch segment and that’s a four wheel steering system it calls 4Control.

The idea is to boost the car’s agility at low speed and when travelling fast to improve stability. The system is fitted as standard.

Renault Megane RS will deliver better economy

Renault Megane RS first vehicle leasing 2

There’s also a promise that the Renault Megane RS will deliver better economy and drivers should expect around 35 mpg with emissions of 155g/km.

The engine is coupled to a choice of a six speed manual box or a dual clutch automatic transmission – though this is likely to have a hefty premium over the standard model.

The newcomer also has five driving modes to suit the circumstances and sport and race modes when better performance is needed.

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The car’s designer have also worked hard to boost comfort levels and the Megane RS comes with hydraulic compression stops, again the firm says this is another first for the segment.

They were first developed in motorsport and help reduce the amount of suspension rebound to boost body control and comfort for those in the cabin.

There is to be lots of equipment including a camera that can record on-track footage on the Megane RS’s 8.7 inch touchscreen (and can post the footage directly to social media, should you want to!).

There’s also a new impressive digital instrument panel, aluminium pedals and the bucket seats that have decorative red stitching.

The new Renault Megane RS goes on sale early next year with prices and equipment still to be revealed.

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