New Hyundai Bayon SUV impresses

Hyundai Bayon car lease front

The new Hyundai Bayon car lease range brings a sleek and impressive vehicle to the UK.

This is the Hyundai Bayon car lease model that is a sleek crossover SUV to impress.

It’s an all-new design and it has been created specifically for European drivers.

The Bayon is also the smallest member of Hyundai’s SUV family.

Not only is there a spacious interior, but this is a crossover that is packed with safety features to keep occupants safe.

Contract hire Hyundai Bayon range

The interior for the contract hire Hyundai Bayon range is impressive with a well-lit interior that has been well designed.

Rear and front passenger comfort has been optimised and there’s plenty of connectivity too, including a 10.25-inch digital instrument display.

Hyundai has also fitted either an eight-inch or a 10.25-inch display for the infotainment system that is easy-to-use.

There’s also LED ambient light technology for the door panels, footwells and below the centre console.

Features include smartphone compatibility

Hyundai Bayon car lease 2

Other connectivity features include smartphone compatibility, and this is the first car in its segment to have wireless phone mirroring.

There are also two USB ports in the front, plus one in the rear so three devices can be charged at the same time.

One of the front USB ports also allows the transfer of data so the smartphone can be connected to the Bayon’s infotainment system.

Drivers also get to enjoy a premium sound system from Bose on their journeys.

Equipment for the new crossover

Safety equipment for the new crossover includes lane following assist, lane keeping assist, a forward collision avoidance system and a driver attention warning alert.

Hyundai has also added rear cross-traffic collision avoidance warning, a blind spot collision warning system and a rear occupant alert.

This last feature tells the driver whether the sensors have detected movement in the rear seats as they open their door.

The list of safety equipment helps the Bayon stands out from its rivals, particularly for the forward collision avoidance which will detect pedestrians, cyclists and also cars in its path.

The Hyundai Bayon leasing line-up

Engines for the Hyundai Bayon leasing line-up include a mild hybrid that features a turbocharged petrol engine and a 48-volt technology.

There’s also an internal intelligent manual transmission that allows the vehicle to coast when necessary to save fuel and reduce emissions.

The 1.0-litre engine produces either 120 PS or 100 PS and the power is delivered using either a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, or the six-speed intelligent manual transmission system.

Drivers also get three driving modes to alter the steering and engine response, depending on their driving conditions.

With the Hyundai Bayon is entering a competitive segment, it’s worth checking out the potential car leasing costs when the order books are expected to open in the summer.