New DS DS4 is unveiled

DS DS4 car lease side view

The contract hire DS DS4 is a refined and stylish offering with the DS4 e-Tense plug-in hybrid attracting attention.

The all-new DS DS4 car lease has been unveiled and it offers diesel, petrol and plug-in hybrid choices.

The DS4 e-Tense plug-in hybrid offers drivers an all-electric driving range of 30 miles.

That makes it an interesting opportunity for company car drivers wanting a reasonable Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) leasing deal.

The new DS4 is built on a new platform and comes with new technology, including the firm’s extended head-up display.

This essentially projects the car’s vital information onto the road in front of the vehicle.

Contract hire DS4

Features for the contract hire DS4 include using the infotainment system with hand gestures and there’s no need to touch the screen.

There’s also a new lighting signature and the car has new exterior styling that looks sleek, modern and fluid.

The digital interior also impresses, and everything is ergonomically designed.

DS says it has also used leather, forged carbon and wood along with new techniques to create a stylish and impressive interior.

DS4 e-Tense car lease

DS DS4 car lease 2

The DS4 e-Tense car lease will attract attention since it offers a safe and dynamic ride on the new platform.

The boot size is 430 litres in size, and there’s a powered tailgate and hands-free opening.

The DS4 is also a safe car with a rigid body and lots of safety equipment.

The plug-in hybrid features a four-cylinder petrol engine delivering 180 HP with the electric motor producing 110 HP.

That’s a combined offering of 225 HP to deliver a rewarding and fast drive, and the power is delivered using the firm’s e-EAT8 automatic transmission.

Firm has used a lot of recycled materials

The new DS DS4 also has the choice of seven colours, and the firm has used a lot of recycled materials in the cabin.

Another great feature that contract hire drivers may enjoy is the opportunity of Level 2 semi-autonomous driving.

That’s the highest level that is allowed currently and cruise control sees the car being controlling in traffic safely.

Another safety feature has a sensor in the steering wheel checking continually if the driver is gripping it since they must always be in control of the vehicle.

The new DS DS4 is launching into a competitive segment and as a car leasing choice, there’s a lot to like.

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