New design for Discovery Sport HSE

Land Rover has unveiled its Discovery Sport HSE Dynamic Lux at the Frankfurt motor show and it looks set to be a big contender in the premium compact SUV market.

The HSE has been styled to look distinctive from the standard Discovery Sport and includes a raft of new technology.

Indeed, Land Rover says the new Discovery Sport HSE has more capabilities than the standard model and comes with adaptive dynamics, active drive line and all-terrain progress control.

This makes the Discovery Sport HSE perform with aplomb off-road as the system will enable a driver to set this up for off-road conditions and the vehicle will stick to it.

Essentially, this is a cruise control system which will see the Discovery Sport perform well at speeds of up to 19 mph with the system monitoring the terrain to adapt the vehicle’s behaviour.

The system has been introduced since it enables novice drivers to appear as if they are expert at off-road driving.

‘Launch’ feature for the Discovery Sport HSE

That’s not all, Land Rover have also introduced a ‘Launch’ feature for the Discovery Sport HSE though it’s not what one would find on a sports car, for instance, and this one will enable the vehicle to pull away fairly quickly on low friction services such as wet grass, snow and ice.

By utilising the vehicle’s active drive line, the Discovery Sport will switch between four and two wheel drive depending on the conditions which will help boost its fuel economy.

Control of the vehicle both on and off-road is underpinned with rear differential distribution which will deliver more torque to the wheel that needs it when required.

This means the Discovery Sport HSE has excellent abilities while on the road and the rear axle can be locked to provide maximum traction when conditions are slippery.

While this system works automatically, drivers can monitor how it is performing and when this system switches between two and four-wheel-drive on the 8 inch touchscreen display.

The new styling features include some exterior enhancements including body colour mouldings and door claddings along with 20 inch black wheels.

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The interior has also been revamped with new details and different colours to help create a striking impression.

Vehicle handling is also improved with dampers that deliver better driver engagement to help make this vehicle an all-round impressive offering and we are sure to see many of them on our roads.

The Discovery Sport HSE Dynamic Lux is available to order now and will cost from £46,000 and comes with the TD4 engine which produces 180PS in the automatic gearbox version.

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