The new BMW M5 is a cracker

The new BMW M5 is the most advanced yet.

The new BMW M5 is the most advanced yet.

The new BMW M5 is the sixth generation of an impressive vehicle and the new model is a cracker.

It is now equipped with M xDrive to help deliver better driving dynamics as well as four-wheel traction.

There’s also a new eight speed M Stepronic gearbox for rapid for quick gear changing.

The new model is on sale now with prices starting at £89,645.

BMW M5 features a 4.4 litre V8 engine

The BMW M5 features a 4.4 litre V8 engine which the carmaker says is the most advanced version yet and features TwinPower Turbo technology.

The engine produces 600 HP with torque of 750 Nm and will complete the 0 to 62 mph sprint in just 3.4 seconds. The emissions are 241g/km.

The car will go on to a top limited top speed of 155 mph and this level of performance will deliver economy of 27 mpg. This is the quickest M5 yet.

The power is controlled by the dynamic stability control system with driving dynamic modes available including a track system to deliver the enjoyment levels.

New chassis for the BMW M5

There’s also a new chassis for the BMW M5 to help deliver the car’s abilities that owners will be looking for.

Essentially, the agility and precision of the new car is better than previous models with electronically controlled shock absorbers and adjustable steering which delivers excellent feedback whether that’s driving in the city or on a race track.

It helps too that the tyres, which have been especially developed for the M5, help with grip and performance.

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New BMW M5 2

The designers have also gone to town with the redesign with enlarged air openings to help the cooling system and brakes with the front wings made of aluminium to help keep the weight low.

The bonnet is also aluminium and BMW have used carbon fibre reinforced plastic for the roof, another first for the M5. There’s also a rear apron and spoiler and a diffuser to help deliver the powerful appearance.

As owners should expect, there’s also lots of standard equipment and most of it is aimed at helping the car’s driving dynamics.

And, for those that need it, the BMW offers an option to help boost the speed of the M5 from its limited 155 mph to 190 mph with an invitation to the firm’s intensive training course in UK or Germany to help drive the car effectively.

Basically, the impressive new BMW M5 is really all about the new engine which makes it one of the best performers currently available for those who want an incredible car to drive.

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