All-new Abarth 595 takes a bow

Abarth 595 First Vehicle Leasing 2

The new Abarth 595 gets a facelift

The Abarth 595 has been facelifted and comes with a more powerful engine to give fans of pocket rockets something to enjoy.

Under the bonnet is a 1.4 litre T-Jet petrol unit which produces 143 bhp for the entry-level model of the Abarth 595, while the Turismo gets the same engine but producing 162 bhp and the hot hatch, the Competizione 595 gets 178bhp – though it now has the option of a limited-slip differential to help control all of that power going to the wheels.

Abarth 595 has some styling cues from the Fiat 500

The Abarth 595 also has some styling cues from the latest version of the Fiat 500 which includes a new front bumper, rear diffuser and larger air intakes.

The 595 also comes with 17-inch alloy wheels which are lighter than previous models and help bring more ventilation to the Brembo brakes.

Abarth 595 models come with a Recaro Monza exhaust

Abarth 595 First Vehicle Leasing 1

The Abarth 595 hot hatch is impressive

Some Abarth 595 models come with a Recaro Monza exhaust that has two modes and competition standard shock absorbers.

On board, the 595 has been fitted with a 5inch infotainment system, the 7inch system is an option which comes with DAB radio and satnav.

Other tweaks include a flat bottomed steering wheel and the dashboard trim that changes to fit each model. There’s also a new sports instrument panel which offers new graphics in Sport mode.

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Drivers will also find the car comes with telemetry which will analyse their driving performance and offer tips to improve driving style. It’s also possible to record trips and analyse them for future analysis.

The new Abarth 595 goes on sale in June with prices for the entry-level model starting at £15,090, the Turismo costs £18,290 while the Competizione starts at £20,290. The convertible versions for each model have a £2,000 premium.

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