Best Formula One Driver Of All Time??

After having listened to the timeless classic Fleetwood Mac song “The Chain” on my usual commute this morning and finding the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end (follow this link to wet your appetite - the question above begged to be answered.
Just for the record here is my top 5 –
1) Ayrton Senna
2) Michael Schumacher
3) Jim Clark
4) Nelson Piquet
5) Alain Prost
Feel free to resume slating me, what no Jackie Stewart, Fangio, Niki Lauda?!!
Opinions please…

3 thoughts on “Best Formula One Driver Of All Time??

  1. 1) Ayrton Senna, he drove.
    2) Jim Clark
    3) Jackie Stewart
    3) Schumie – Technical Brilliance
    4) Nigel Mansell (dull as dishwater, but what a driver)
    5) Jenson Button, not that great but I would to be him for a day 🙂

    Too young to know any of the others, sorry Andy……

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