Tesla Model 3 Review, Specs & Performance

Compare lease deals on a brand new Tesla Model 3 and start driving Tesla’s
revolutionary car for a fixed monthly price. With electric-powered performance, quick acceleration and a long range you can start leasing an electric car that fits your budget today!

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Overview of the Tesla Model 3

Leasing a Tesla Model 3 is a smart way to drive a brand new car for an affordable price. A low initial outlay and a fixed monthly rate make for easy budgeting. Couple this with the flexibility to choose extra features and add-ons and you are on to a winning formula! When you lease a Tesla Model 3, you will experience a simple leasing process and benefit from the low monthly costs affiliated with car leasing for 2 –4 years. Start by browsing and comparing our wide range of Tesla Model 3 lease deals and select an offer that suits you.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 in a nutshell

With a Tesla Model 3 lease, you will get free delivery straight to your door, the full Tesla warranty, and road tax for the length of your lease. That means you don’t have to worry about all the extra details that come with buying a car. Just drive away with your brand new Tesla Model 3 lease with complete peace of mind. You can also have your new Tesla Model 3 covered under a maintained lease agreement. This enhances your leasing experience by including servicing, maintenance (wipers or brakes), and your tyres (even puncture repairs). Then all you have to do is insure it and put in some electricity!

What to expect when you lease a Tesla Model 3

What makes a Tesla Model 3 lease deal so appealing? If it isn’t the swift, simple leasing process, then our affordable lease deals might have you walking away with a signed contract hire! Leasing a Tesla Model 3 is also an economical way to drive the car you’ve always dreamed of having without the finance prices that come from buying.

Leasing a Tesla Model 3 gives you more flexibility when it comes to choosing and driving a new car. What’s more, the Tesla Model 3 is an excellent offering. The Tesla Model 3 Long Range version has a range of around 350 miles and takes 12 hours to recharge from empty using a home wall charger.