Porsche Macan Review, Specs & Performance

Brilliant SUV delivers style & substance

Handles like a sports car

The Porsche Macan is arguably the most desirable sports utility vehicle today. With over half a million cars sold since its launch in 2014, the Macan has been a massive success story for Porsche. You might not immediately think of an SUV when you consider the Stuggart brand, but it’s clear with its practicality and sporting pedigree it ticks many boxes.

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Overview of the Porsche Macan

A Porsche Macan car lease is an excellent idea. It often ranks highly on shortlists with FVL customers when considering vehicles like the Range Rover Velar and Sport and Alfa Romeo Stelvio. None of these cars is inexpensive, so it can pay to shelter yourself from residual discomfort and lease it through someone like First Vehicle Leasing.



Porsche is the pinnacle of sports car motoring. You immediately think of the superlative 911 coupe when you think about Porsche. Or something iconic, like a 959 or Carrera GT. These achievements make the brand so inspiring to many; their absolute willingness to not compromise shines through.

Nowadays, you could be forgiven for drooling over a 718 or new all-electric Taycan, but this is something entirely different, an SUV, but with Porsche levels of no comprise.

The standard Macan Lease kicks off with a 2.0T petrol engine producing 265ps. Seeing 62mph in only 6.4 seconds, demonstrating the intent to follow. The second model in the range is the new ‘T’ model. This enhances the standard specification with Agate Grey detailing, lowered adaptive suspension, LED adaptive headlights, and the four-dot daytime running signature.

Moving up the range, we have the S and GTS models. These derivatives up the ante by sporting a 2.9-litre twin-turbo engine and producing 380Ps and 440Ps. Now your family SUV comes with supercar levels of performance and specification.

First class service is assured at the dealer level, and you know that your Macan will be one of the best handling SUVs on the road today. 


Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan in a nutshell

Porsche Macan Car Leasing from FVL will allow you to enjoy cost-effective fixed monthly rentals with all the pedigree you would expect of Porsche. Engineered with the driver at its core, you’ll be able to drive one of the world’s best sports SUVs without worrying about costly depreciation.

Porsche car leases can be highly customizable. The manufacturer is well known for its lengthy options list, allowing you to select everything about your new car, right down to the leather on the keyfob, no matter the model you choose.


What makes a Porsche Macan lease deal so attractive? If it isn’t the easy, straightforward leasing process, our affordable lease deals might have you walking away with a signed contract hire!

Leasing a Macan, is a budget-focused way for you or your business to procure the car of your dreams. As mentioned, it shelters you from depreciation and locks in a fixed monthly rental for the duration of your contract.

Here are some extra benefits that come with leasing a Porsche Macan with FVL:

  • Fixed monthly payments - Set your budget and pay a fixed monthly rental price that you are happy with.
  • No vehicle depreciation - Even after a longer contract, you need not fret about vehicle depreciation or losing out on money with your Porsche Macan lease; the lender takes care of this for you.
  • Comprehensive manufacturer warranty from Porsche.
  • Road tax is included for the duration of your lease contract.
  • Straightforward contract hire agreement with no balloon payment.
  • Free UK delivery to the mainland.


Leasing a Porsche Macan from FVL is a stress-free solution to driving your new Macan.

FVL has been leasing over the internet for 24 years this year. During this time, we have built long-standing relationships with our Porsche suppliers.

FVL are a credit broker not a lender. We have over ten leasing companies in our panel that allow us to shop the marketplace for the best possible package for your Porsche Macan lease deal.

We will make your Porsche Macan Lease as stress-free as possible; our professional account managers will ensure you understand the details and practicalities. Professional leasing for first-time leasers and returning customers. This is why you would use someone like First Vehicle Leasing to source your new Porsche Macan lease.