MG MG4 Review, Specs & Performance

Well-priced electric hatchback impresses

MG continues to impress with its latest addition, the MG 4. A well-priced and well-appointed family hatchback that happens to be all-electric, too, could it be MGs renaissance? But more importantly, could it be the heralding of a more competitive EV market? It definitely could. Exciting times indeed.

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Overview of the MG MG4

FVL’s Pros & Cons of the MG 4 electric hatchback


  • Market-leading electric value.
  • Long Range version impresses.
  • Great style inside and out.
  • Quick charging speeds.


  • The Interior has some scratchy plastics
  • Slightly harsh ride
  • Media system is tricky to use


The MG4 reconceives MG’s branding - and redefines what customers should pay for a cutting-edge compact five-seat EV hatchback. It’s maybe not on your hit list if you’re looking for a car of this kind. It should be.


MG MG4 in a nutshell

Range & Battery FOR THE MG 4

There are two battery choices for the MG 4: the 51kWh or the 64kWh battery packs. Both deliver power to an electric motor on the rear axle, with the smaller battery producing 168 bhp. In comparison, the larger pack delivers 200 bhp.

This means the 51kWh battery offers a range of 218 miles, while the Long Range 64kWh gives drivers 281 miles. There’s also another model, the range-topping Trophy Long range that delivers 270 miles.

The battery will take 35 minutes to recharge to 80% of its capacity when using a rapid charger.

The 0 to 62 mph sprint time for both models is less than eight seconds, so progress is still rapid from a standing start.

There’s another MG 4 in the pipeline that will have a 77kWh battery, a range of 329 miles, and two electric motors that will sprint to 62 mph in less than five seconds. *

The MG 4 has been created to deliver a realistic battery range rather than providing blistering pace. For short journeys, such as commuting to work or the school run, there’s much to recommend the MG 4.

*Ammended August 2023 - Two new models have been launched since time of writing. First up is the MG4 Extended Range. It comes with a healthy 245PS and can do 0-62mph in 6.5 seconds. It offers upto 329 miles on the combined WLTP cycle, so this is one is best if you really require the maximum ammount of range. 

Then we have the MG4 X-Power. It was promised from the begining but you always take these things with a pinch of salt. Looking to reimagine what an EV can do for the price. This model takes a well priced electric family hatchback and turns it into something truly desirable and ground breaking at the same time.

From it's uprated twin electric motors it can produce 435ps, meaning it will 62mph in only 3.8 seconds, or put another way, faster than a standard Porsche 911 Carrera. We feel the external styling could have done with a bit more oomph as it's not changed much, but the good news is that practiciality hasn't been altered from the standard MG 4. 


For many drivers, MG is creating impressive cars at a low cost. As a brand, it’s snowballing in popularity – with the MG 4 being a serious contender in the EV sector.

That’s because it is packed with equipment, has impressive styling, and its price tag makes it even more attractive when compared with rivals.
And don’t think being cheaper means it’s not as enjoyable to drive, because it is. It’s a comfortable car with a rewarding drive, particularly around town.

Unfortunately, many electric car drivers could be swayed by rivals, but this is an all-electric family car that deserves closer inspection.
There’s no starter button, and you get into the driver’s seat, depress the brake pedal and the car springs into life. There are five driving modes, normal, sport, eco - and snow and custom.

Drivers also get four regenerative braking settings to help top up the battery.
This is a well-engineered car on the open road; the suspension delivers stability and is comfortable over rough roads. The rear wheel drive setup and low slung battery pack allows for a direct feeling and crisp handling experience. It can still be a little crashy here and there when pushed hard, but less so than some of it's more expensive rivals.

The cabin does have a clean, minimalist feel, and the steering wheel is striking with a flat bottom and top, helping you see the 7.0-inch instrument binnacle. There’s also a floating 10.25-inch display, and everything fits together to create a stylish cabin.

The entry-level MG 4 SE has lots of equipment, including rear parking sensors, adaptive cruise control, alloy wheels and automatic LED rear and headlights. There’s also automatic climate control and smartphone connectivity.

MG is also adding its Pilot assistance system, while the Trophy variants get rear privacy glass, a leather interior, a two-tone roof and a twin rear spoiler. There’s also satnav, Bluetooth connectivity, wireless phone charging and a 360° camera.
Safety features include rear cross-traffic alert, lane change assist and blind spot detection.

The MG Motor MG 4 is a well-made electric hatchback that will meet the needs of most drivers. It should be shortlisted for sure particularly if you are looking for a cheap-to-run electric car, a company car, or for salary sacrifice.


If you have any questions why not get in touch and let our leasing experts assist with your new MG 4. Or why not look at some of these similar car lease deals from First Vehicle Leasing: the Volkswagen ID.3, or the Kia Niro EV.