Mercedes-Benz V Class Review, Specs & Performance

With a Mercedes-Benz V Class, you will get free delivery straight to your door, the full Mercedes-Benz warranty, and road tax too. That means you don’t have to worry about all the extra details that come with buying a car. Just drive away with your brand new Mercedes-Benz V Class with complete peace of mind.

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Overview of the Mercedes-Benz V Class

Well-equipped people carrier impresses and there’s lots of space and comfort

The Mercedes V Class is a luxurious MPV that can seat up to eight people in a well-equipped offering. The comfort and amount of space are second to none.


The contract hire Mercedes V Class uses a 2.0-litre diesel engine with two outputs - the range-topper delivers 236 bhp.

This is a punchy offering and will sprint from 0 to 62 mph in less than eight seconds and is a good performer when fully loaded with luggage and passengers.

The power is delivered using a nine-speed automatic transmission and fuel economy for the V Class is around 49mpg, with emissions of 154g/km.

Mercedes-Benz V Class

Mercedes-Benz V Class in a nutshell


The main attraction for the Mercedes V Class car leasing range is that it offers genuine luxury when transporting eight people. While it is based on the Vito van, the upmarket interior impresses and the seats are very comfortable. There's good use of high-quality materials and technology throughout.

The V Class is available in three lengths with the Standard model having seven seats, and the Long and Extra Long models come with eight seats. However, this MPV can be specified with a table and four seats.

It should come as no surprise that the V Class is also a very safe people carrier and when tested by Euro NCAP it was awarded the full five-stars for safety. Standard safety features include autonomous emergency braking and driver attention alert. Options include traffic sign recognition, lane-keeping assist and blind spot detection.

There are some nice practical features about the V Class, the sliding side doors are large for easy access and electrically operated so they are easy to use. There's a self-parking system available and a rear-view camera because the length of the V Class can make reversing a tad difficult. The leather seats can be moved individually to create more legroom when required - depending on the model.

And since Mercedes is a premium car maker, a lot of this design and experience translates into the dashboard for the V Class. It is well-designed and there's good use of premium materials. The cabin is certainly a stylish offering with a solid feel, and this is also an easy MPV to drive with a good view of the road ahead.

There's also a lot of equipment fitted as standard and the options list is not very long since the kit list should meet most needs, but drivers can opt for a towing pack, a 360° camera, a premium surround sound system and a memory seat package.

Essentially, the Mercedes V Class car leasing range really impresses and for those who need a luxurious and upmarket interior in a people carrier then this is the contract hire MPV for you.


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