Genesis GV70 Review, Specs & Performance

Well-equipped SUV impresses. A comfortable and stylish offering

The Genesis GV70 car lease is a well-designed SUV that is designed to take on premium marques. It's not only a well-equipped and well-designed offering but also nice to drive with a stylish interior.

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Overview of the Genesis GV70


Drivers of the contract hire Genesis GV70 get a choice of either a 2.2-litre diesel unit or a 2.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine and both are good performers.

The power is delivered using an eight-speed automatic transmission and with four-wheel drive, there is smooth acceleration and, at motorway speeds, there's rapid overtaking speeds available when needed. The diesel engine returns around 42 mpg, while the petrol unit returns 30mpg.

The GV70 fitted with the petrol engine delivers a responsive drive around town and emissions of 216g/km. The diesel unit has emissions of 180g/km.

And despite the size and weight, the petrol-powered version will sprint from 0 to 62 mph in six seconds and onto a top speed of 149 mph.

Genesis GV70

Genesis GV70 in a nutshell


There's a lot to like about the Genesis GV70 car lease model which is an SUV packed with equipment and has lots of appeal. The marque is an offshoot of Hyundai and is aiming to take on premium rivals and the firm makes a very attractive offer to do so.

Along with lots of space, the stylish cabin is better than some German rivals and we liked the exterior design which helps it stand out from the crowd. The interior is a quality offering and there's a 14.5-inch infotainment display to impress. Drivers get four driving modes: Eco, normal, sport and also sport+. These offer a refined driving experience, and with 'sport' the car's setting delivers a more rewarding drive.

Overall, the ride is comfortable, and there's good steering feedback to make this a responsive car when driving around town but it's also an excellent motorway cruiser; the cabin is quiet at speed and the refined offering delivers a relaxing environment for long journeys.

Another attractive feature is that Genesis cars come with a five-year care plan which includes servicing and a manufacturer's warranty, along with roadside assistance, over-the-air software updates and a courtesy car when needed for the full five years of the plan.

This should bring peace of mind motoring for those drivers who have never heard of Genesis which, while relatively new to the UK, is an established brand in other countries. There are three trim levels, with the Sport Line having an aggressive exterior look with larger tailpipes and 21-inch alloy wheels.

This is also a very safe car that has five stars from Euro NCAP for crash testing. It's also packed with safety equipment, including autonomous emergency braking and lane keeping assistance. There's also a system to detect cyclists, pedestrians and other vehicles when approaching a junction with the car applying the brakes automatically should the driver not notice any of these potential hazards in time.

Essentially, the contract hire Genesis GV70 is an impressive, well-made car with a lot to like; it's cheaper than the rivals it's aiming at and with lots of equipment, great styling and comfort levels, it's a car leasing choice that is certainly worth considering.


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