Dacia Duster Review, Specs & Performance

Spacious and stylish SUV

Nice handling and comfort levels

The Dacia Duster is a spacious and stylish SUV that's worth a second look. There are nice handling and comfort levels for drivers to enjoy.

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Overview of the Dacia Duster

Engines and performance for the Dacia Duster

There are four petrol engines and two diesel units for the Dacia Duster - plus an LPG offering. The entry-level model has a 1.3 litre petrol engine returning 43 mpg and there's a responsive 1.0 litre petrol unit returning 46 mpg. The BlueHDi 1.5 litre diesel engine returns either 52 mpg or 58mpg, depending on the output chosen. The Duster is also available as a Bi-Fuel choice so there is a 1.0 litre petrol unit and the option of filling up with LPG. The combined fuel economy is 44 mpg when using petrol or 35 mpg when using both.

Equipment and handling

The second generation of the Dacia Duster has a revamped exterior to give it a more muscular appearance. The cabin was also enhanced for quality and comfort with new technology and safety features added. There's a choice of four trims across a line-up of 10 Duster versions. Unlike many rivals, the Dacia Duster is available as either a 4x4 or two-wheel drive offering and it offers impressive off-roading capabilities for those who may need them. The new model also has redesigned seats that are more comfortable and they have better support - there's an armrest and lumbar adjustment for the driver's seat. It's also a much quieter offering than the first model and there's an improved sound system too. Dacia has also fitted a new electric power steering system to make driving easier and this delivers a precise offering to make the Duster easier to manoeuvre around town. While the entry-level Duster has a short equipment list, other models feature keyless entry and climate control. For those who want to enjoy the car's off-roading abilities, the Duster has hill start assist and hill descent control to make driving easier on terrain that is sloping or slippery. The 4x4 monitor includes a compass and gives details of the Duster's angle. To help with manoeuvering, there is a multi-view camera system which helps when parking and when using the vehicle off-road. Standard kit includes electronic stability control, traction control, ABS, a gearshift indicator and Eco mode. The Access trim features electric windows, air conditioning, DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity while Comfort offers a rear parking camera and sensors, electrically adjustable door mirrors, satnav and an on-board computer. The flagship offering is the Prestige which delivers climate control, blind spot warning and the multi-view camera system. And since Dacia is owned by Renault, there is a reassurance that this SUV will deliver a safe and sturdy offering that many owners will enjoy; for those who want a no-nonsense and well-made spacious SUV that has off-roading capabilities for an impressive price, then the Dacia Duster needs to be shortlisted.

More information about the Dacia Duster

Why not have a look at the Duster on the official Dacia UK company website and get the latest news about it at The UK Dacia Owners' Club.

Dacia Duster

Dacia Duster in a nutshell

With a Dacia Duster, you’ll get a great car packed with the latest innovative technology for an affordable price.

What’s more, the Dacia Duster has been designed with the driver in mind, giving you a smooth and comfortable driving experience while driving across the country on UK roads.

All of that, coupled with the flexibility to choose standard Dacia features and add-ons that work for you, gives you every incentive to choose the Duster

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