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Leasing a BMW M2

BMW M2 is a compact sports coupe to impress

One of the best performance cars around.

The BMW M2 is a compact sports coupe that will impress since it offers great performance and agility worthy of better-known rivals. It also remains true to the M car tradition and BMW have delivered one of the best performance cars around.


There's no doubt that the BMW M2’s great performance comes from the impressive 3.0 litre engine delivering 370 HP which will help propel the small car to 62 mph in 4.3 seconds and on to a top speed of 155 mph. The M2 is a sound choice for those who are looking for a great track car and superb performance on the road. The six cylinder in-line engine is a new creation with the option of a seven-speed double clutch gearbox to help deliver the best levels of performance - particularly in the mid-range of revs. Economy for this performance is around 36 mpg with emissions of 199g/km, though obviously putting the excellent car through its paces will have an impact on fuel consumption.


Make no mistake, the BMW M2 is a driver focused car with a lot to offer drivers wanting performance, agility and style. Most of this is down to the sophisticated chassis technology and a host of electronics that help deliver a rewarding drive. The new version was unveiled in 2016 and is a comparatively light car with lots of aluminium used and power being delivered with a TwinScroll turbocharger which is integrated into the exhaust manifold to help reduce the warmup phase during a cold start so internal friction is reduced.

The BMW M2 will be instantly recognisable as an M model thanks to the four tailpipes and for those who would love excellent performance but are worried about handling will be pleased with the car’s ‘driving experience control’ switch that will deliver comfort, sport and sport+ settings. There’s also a stability clutch control that will disengage the clutch to prevent oversteering and help stabilise the vehicle. Wheel spins will also be easy with the 'smokey burnout' function and the high-performance brakes will also help underline its performance.

Despite being a small car, it's also a comfortable place to be with the sports seats delivering comfort and back support and standard equipment includes satnav and xenon headlights. As with all BMWs, there is a long list of options though the choice of four exterior paint finishes come at no extra cost. There's a lot of connectivity too with BMW's ConnectedDrive along with Bluetooth, cruise control and air con.

Essentially, the BMW M2 is a car that will deliver a huge amount of fun for those wanting a supercar performance packed into a practical coupe body - whether they want that on everyday roads or on track days to really enjoy what this little beauty can deliver.


Why not have a look at the BMW M2 on the official BMW UK company website and get the latest news about the M2 at The UK BMW Owners' club. You may also like to see what they're saying about the M2 on the Top Gear website

BMW M2 COUPE M2 Competition 2dr

BMW M2 from First Vehicle Leasing

First Vehicle Leasing have been doing fantastic leasing deals on the German icon for over 20 years. Having established firm links with BMW suppliers up and down the UK over this time, we are well placed to ensure that you receive nothing but the best when it comes time to lease your new BMW M2.


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