What Do You Take In Your Car Unnecessarily?

Photo credit: Guy

My wife asked me yesterday why I always put a bottle of water in the glove compartment but never drink it. I don’t really know why I do this but if I stop buying all those blooming bottles of water I’ll have more money for petrol, won’t I?

So what else do I take with me when I go driving which I don’t need?

My Glasses

My optician might disagree that I don’t need these but during the day I can’t really see much difference between driving with or without them. At night time though, my range of vision without glasses reduces to about 30 centimetres.

The Newspaper

Am I the only person in the world who buys a newspaper, puts it on their passenger seat all nicely folded and then forgets about it? Sometimes I will remember about it when I get to the traffic lights and sneak a quick glance. Unfortunately, this usually means mis-reading a headline as something weird and enticing and I end up trying to read the full story before the lights change to green and people get angry. Why don’t I just buy the paper from the local shop when I get home?

Lots of Tools

I used to drive in a less well developed county than the UK and got into the habit of taking lots of tools in my car. It is a great idea to always take a flashlight and a few other bit and pieces but I tend to pack out my vehicle with things like shovels and other tools I would only really need in the UK if I planned to drive up Ben Nevis in December. The truth is that UK drivers have it easy and you can jump into your car without too much preparation most of the time.

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