New Range Rover makes its debut

Range Rover car lease front

The new Range Rover car lease model has made its debut and it’s an innovative and capable vehicle.

It defines elegance and modern luxury, and the new Range Rover car lease model is a vehicle to impress.

Drivers and passengers enjoy serene comfort and off-roading capabilities in a serene and luxurious vehicle.

Range Rover has also added more options to boost personalisation choices, and there are new hybrid powertrains.

Contract hire Range Rover

While the pure-electric contract hire Range Rover won’t be joining the line-up until 2024, there are mild- and plug-in hybrid powertrains to choose from until then.

Drivers get to enjoy an all-electric driving range of 62 miles, with emissions of less than 30g/km.

This will cater, the carmaker says, for a typical Range Rover buyer to complete 75% of their trips using battery power.

All models come with a choice of four, five or seven-seat guises and there are two wheelbases to choose from too.

The Range Rover lease

From the outset, the Range Rover lease will be available in Autobiography, SE and HSE variants – and in the first year of production, drivers will get the chance to lease a special First Edition.

his model is based on the Autobiography with a choice of five colours, including sunset gold satin finish.

There’s no doubt that the latest model maintains the off-roading capabilities and there are 125 new patents covering items such as the PHEV battery and the pioneering chassis technology.

The new Range Rover saw a fleet of prototypes undertaking a punishing test and development programme around the world to ensure that the latest model will be a success.

Flagship of the Land Rover output

Range Rover car lease 2

Since this is the flagship of the Land Rover output, the new Range Rover includes effortless driving with the all-wheel steering that boosts manoeuvrability at low speeds.

This sees the rear axle being turned electrically by up to 7° to boost handling and deliver a tight turning circle.

And it’s also a smooth car to drive with an independent air suspension system that isolates the driver and passengers from road imperfections.

There’s also adaptive dynamics control and a system that monitors the road ahead to tailor the suspension to the upcoming surroundings.

The Range Rover car lease range is undoubtedly a luxurious and impressive offering, and for those who want to enjoy peerless motoring, then you need to road test one as soon as possible.