New Hyundai Santa Fe offers a refined SUV package

This is the new Hyundai Santa Fe which has lots of new features and comfort levels to offer an impressive car for the SUV sector.

There’s a raft of new design refinements to help what is Hyundai’s longest running production model available in Europe to carry on with its success.

Originally launched in 2001, the firm has sold more than 48,000 models in the UK and across Europe the Hyundai Santa Fe has accounted for one in three of the firm’s SUV sales.

Hyundai says its new Santa Fe will help change people’s perceptions of the brand along with its impressive new i20 Active and the Tucson.

The Santa Fe comes with an impressive list of comfort and safety features including smart cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, dynamic bending light and around view monitor – there are cameras placed at strategic positions to give a 360° view of the vehicle.

There’s also smart parking assist available and, from the end of this year, the Hyundai Santa Fe will also come with blind spot detection.

Hyundai Santa Fe’s interior has been redesigned

The Hyundai Santa Fe’s interior has been redesigned with new materials and subtle design touches to help underpin the vehicle as Hyundai’s flagship SUV.

The cabin has a premium feel to it and there is more room for rear passengers and a more spacious feeling to the nicely designed surroundings.

Under the bonnet there’s an improved engine line-up with one petrol and two diesel units available producing from 150 PS to 200 PS – though for the moment Hyundai is only supplying the 2.2litre diesel engine for the UK market.

Drivers also have the option of an automatic gearbox or a six speed manual with both delivering a smooth ride.

The 2.2litre CRDi unit is frugal for a vehicle of this size and will return around 50 mpg and has emissions of 149g/km.

The Hyundai Santa Fe also comes with an infotainment system featuring DAB radio and satnav with an impressive audio system that has 12 speakers and surround sound.

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The vehicle also comes with the firm’s smart cruise control which helps to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front and will automatically slow the car down or help it speed up as necessary.

This works in conjunction with the rear cross traffic alert system which monitors for approaching traffic will help alert the driver by sounding an alarm and offering a visual alert to be aware.

As mentioned previously, the Hyundai Santa Fe also comes with autonomous emergency braking which helps alert the driver to an unexpected emergency situation that needs to be dealt with – and should the driver not responding time that the vehicle will step in and take control.

The system uses camera sensors and radar and will apply the brakes gradually to avoid a potential crash.

The Hyundai Santa Fe is an all-round impressive offering and should continue to be a sales success in the UK.

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