Dogs alone in cars. That’ll end well.

What does your dog do when you go for a drive and then leave them in the car alone for a while? I only ask because a boxer called Fern just got kind of famous in the last couple of weeks.

Fern’s owners went for a wee trip to Broughty Ferry and left the cheeky 18 month old in the car. The pooch didn’t like this. No sir, not one little bit. Not at all.

As the boxer’s owners returned to their car after a pleasant walk around town they saw a crowd of people round it, with some of them taking pictures. Oh dear, what on Earth had happened to poor Fern while they were gone?

The YouTube video goes viral

It turns out that young Fern was rather impatient for the couple to return and had been leaning on the car’s horn constantly for the full 15 minutes they were away. Some enterprising passer by uploaded a video to YouTube and before long a snippet of the dog tooting the horn was being seen all round the world. Now people from Mongolia and Uruguay know what a dog leaning on a car horn in Broughty Ferry looks like and sounds like. This can only be a good thing for world peace and cross-cultural harmony in my opinion.

The mutt’s owners described her as being a bit of a “diva”, which might explain why she took this extreme action to attract some attention. However, I was wondering what your dog does in this situation. I guess that they all do different things. For example, my dog just kinds of goes in the back and whimpers rather pathetically.

  • Maybe you have a Jack Russell who tries to eat the gear stick or a cocker spaniel who goes for a leak on the driver’s seat?

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