The sledgehammer approach to dealing with annoying car problems

A sledgehammer

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Have you ever had a problem with your car? Pretty annoying, wasn’t it? Maybe you were tempted to send off a nasty letter to the car manufacturer or possibly you quietly fumed about it at home.

Whatever you did, I’m guessing that you didn’t try the Pourmohseni Hadi Approach? The what? OK, if you have never head of this subtle way of protesting about a faulty car then it involves taking your vehicle to an international motor show along with a heavy object like a sledgehammer.

Our Iranian hero’s BMW has apparently caused him no end of problems over the last few years, with “vibrations” and mysterious rattling driving the poor chap up the wall. So much so that he went to the Frankfurt Auto Show in September of last year and gave the thing a bloody good leathering. With the help of a friend he set about the car in a relentless attack. Thankfully, the unhinged piece of action was captured for posterity on YouTube.

He got it restored…not for long, though

Well, it was later revealed that he had leased the car directly from the maker and had to give it back in good nick. That all seemed fine and our fun loving buddy turned up at the recent Geneva Motor Show with the car lovingly restored to its former glory. Hooray! Peace was going to break out again. Or was it?

When you’ve sledgehammered it once …

He then started smashing it up again. Boo!  It almost defies belief that he got the car fixed in order to smash it up in protest again.  I know that a bit of rattling and vibrating can be annoying after a while but would it really drive you smash up an expensive car twice?

I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to see if Mr Hadi makes an appearance at any of the upcoming motor shows around the world.

  • Have you ever been so frustrated by a car that you were tempted to do something drastic like this?

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