Do Men and Women Look for the Same Things in New Cars?

Have you ever gone to choose a car with your partner? If you have then you have probably noticed that you tend to look for different things in the vehicles you choose.

This might even have led to a minor domestic dispute and cold pizza for dinner for the next couple of days while she went to stay with her mother who always hated you and wanted her precious blooming daughter to marry that blooming banker who lives down the street. Where was I? Ah yes, let’s take a look at the study.

A study was recently carried out in the USA to work out what men and women look for when they go car shopping. Personally, I was surprised by the findings.

Imports for the Ladies

Photo credit: M 93

The research was done by Kelley Blue Book and the first figure worth checking out is that 5 of the top 10 brands chosen by men were domestic models such as Lincoln. The ladies, on the other hand, tend to go for imported brands, with the only home brand making it into top 10 list being Dodge. The brand with the biggest difference was Volvo, as women are 119% more likely to look for one of these than their male partners.

What else is different in the way we shop? Well, 76% of ladies are interested in the safety features, compared to 61% of the chaps. This would help explain why female motorists like the idea of a Volvo but doesn’t explain why the men turn up their noses at the Swedish brand.

Another big difference is that the guys like to find thinks like good exterior styling while the gals are more interested in the price and the ongoing fuel costs. This is shown in the fact that both Jaguar and Audi are high in men’s list while the ladies gave good positions to the likes of Fiat and Infiniti.

Does this tie in with your experience?

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