BMW 4 Series: New convertible joins line-up

Fans of BMW soft tops can now look forward to the new BMW 4 Series which is longer, wider and lower than the outgoing BMW 3 Series Convertible.

New BMW 4 Series unveiled

The new BMW 4 Series

This is a stylish and well-designed can and the roof is a three-piece retractable metal hardtop and there will be a choice of one diesel and two petrol engines when it is launched in March next year.

Prices for the BMW 4 Series start at £36,675 OTR for the 420d SE Convertible and the range is available in SE, Sport, Luxury, Modern and M Sport trim.

There’s no doubt that the new BMW 4 Series will do well for the German carmaker because it will be entering the market where BMW have dominated with five generations of premium soft tops.

BMW 4 Series Convertible impresses

The BMW 4 Series is unmistakably part of the range and looks similar to the Coupe and the convertible is the second model debut in the series. More importantly, for BMW at least, is that the new looks very much different to the outgoing 3 Series.

Buyers can look forward to a car that is more sporty in comparison due to its lower and wider stance which will help its performance. The new car is also longer than the 3 Series.

Indeed, for those who have driven the 3 Series, the new BMW 4 Series has assured handling and there’s also reduced drag around the front wheel arches due to the Air Breathers which are found behind the front wheels.

The roof itself is of a folding metal construction which can be raised, or lowered, in just 20 seconds. BMW says it does this of speeds up to 8 mph. There’s also an optional wind deflector which can be stored behind the seats when not being used.

And for those people who like open-topped driving on colder days, they can enjoy BMW’s new Air Collar system which will blow warm air around the necks of those sat in the front.

A quieter driving experience is promised for the BMW 4 Series

When the roof is up on the BMW 4 Series, drivers are being promised a much quieter driving experience than is usually found in convertibles. Interestingly, when the roof is down there is more space in the boot for luggage than was found in the 3 Series.

There’s also been at big increase in the level of standard equipment being offered with a minimal price increase to pay for it.

Among the kit fitted as standard at rear and front parking sensors, heated electric front seats, dab radio, two zone air conditioning and Servotronic steering.

BMW obviously have high hopes for the BMW 4 Series which will set new benchmarks for build quality and equipment levels, as well as for handling, for soft tops so we can expect to see a lot on our roads from the Spring.

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