A Long Lost Car Turns Up At Last

Have you ever had a car stolen? If so, how long did it take you to forget about it and get what Oprah Winfrey would call “closure”?

I have been lucky enough never to have had a vehicle stolen. Hold on a second while I look out the window. It’s ok, it’s still there. Where was I? Ah yes, I had a bag stolen from me in a Third World bus station once and it took me a few weeks to get over it, so I guess that losing a car must be a lot worse. Especially since my bag only had a collection of smelly socks, a cheap camera and a Willie Nelson autobiography in it. Blooming book exchanges.

I only mention this because I read an interesting story the other day which involved a long lost car being returned to its rightful owner.

That Car Looks Familiar

The chap in question is from Texas and is called Robert Russell. He suffered a bad experience when his $3,000 sports car was stolen but things turned out alright in the end when he found it advertised on eBay. The only weird thing is that 42 years had passed since it had been nicked.

The 66 year old reported the 1967 Austin Healy as stolen back in 1970, but due to a digit being entered incorrectly it didn’t appear on the national crime index run by the FBI.

One last thing which interested me in the story is that the owner said that he had spent a lot of time looking for the car on the internet.  Since general internet use didn’t start until decades after it as stolen in the first place I wonder how many other people long for their long missing cars in this way?

There was a happy ending this time. He has his car back and it is now worth $23,000.


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