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Impressive hydrogen saloon

Quiet and smooth to drive

The Toyota Mirai is an excellent saloon driven by hydrogen technology. It's not only quiet and smooth while being driven, but it's a very well-designed and put-together car.


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Leasing a Toyota Mirai

Engines and performance for the Toyota Mirai

While the Toyota Mirai is powered using innovative hydrogen technology, it is very similar to driving a normal electric car. The hydrogen fuel is mixed with oxygen to create the electric energy and the car leaves just water behind (apparently, clean enough to drink!). The electric motor generates 152 bhp and offers performance that is similar to driving a non-turbocharged 2.0 litre diesel saloon. The economy is around 340 miles on a tank and the network of filling stations is growing slowly.

Equipment and handling

One day, we may all be driving hydrogen-powered cars rather than electric versions, but at the moment the Toyota Mirai is a one-of-a-kind. It's the only hydrogen-powered vehicle available in the UK and the limited network of hydrogen filling stations means the car is a fairly rare sight. That's a shame because it's a comfortable car to drive with a well-designed suspension soaking up bumps and it's very quiet because of insulation and acoustic glass. While many may be wondering why Toyota persists in a hydrogen-powered car, the firm is the pioneer of hybrid cars and created the world-bestselling Prius. One of the big attractions is that the Mirai should return around 60 mpg and since hydrogen is much cheaper to buy than either diesel or petrol, the running costs will be very, very low. Also, there are various safety measures to prevent driving off with the hydrogen nozzle still attached and the hydrogen tank has been crash tested lots of times. Toyota offers its Mirai with one trim and it's a well-equipped model, including heated front and seats, satnav, blind spot monitoring and automatic emergency braking. The equipment also includes a wireless phone charging pad, rain sensing wipers, a rear view camera and keyless entry and start. The adaptive cruise control is an excellent feature and owners also get to enjoy an audio system with DAB radio, satnav and dual-zone climate control. The Mirai is very cheap to run and it delivers swift performance when necessary and comfort levels are high. There's enough space for a family and it's a reliable car to own. Essentially, the Toyota Mirai is a glimpse into the future and for the brave early adopters, there's a lot to like about a hydrogen-powered car that delivers an enjoyable drive in an innovative package.

More information about the Toyota Mirai

Why not have a look at the Mirai on the official Toyota UK company website and get the latest news about it at The UK Toyota Owners' Club.

TOYOTA MIRAI SALOON Hydrogen fuel cell 4dr CVT

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