SEAT Ibiza Lease Deals

Looking to lease a SEAT Ibiza? With First Vehicle Leasing, a SEAT Ibiza is an economical way to drive a brand-new car without having to pay the full purchase price. From SEAT Ibiza FR lease deals to the SEAT Ibiza hatchback 1.0 TSI 110, we make it easy to lease these popular cars. Compare our SEAT Ibiza lease deals in the UK today.

First Vehicle Leasing offers SEAT Ibiza lease deals for business and personal leasing. Browse our SEAT range and submit an online enquiry form today.

Seat IBIZA Review

Which SEAT Ibiza is Ideal for You?

SEAT are well-known car manufacturers in Spain and form part of the Volkswagen Group. The SEAT Ibiza Hatchback is the ideal car leasing option for those looking for a small car with low running costs. Aside from its eye-catching metallic paint and high-quality features, it's built with performance and comfort in mind. There's a SEAT Ibiza model for every driver. Compare our various models for lease below:

  • Ibiza SE - 1.0 TSI 95. All the standard features of the Ibiza.
  • SE Technology - 1.0 MPI. Bigger touch screen and 16-inch alloy wheels.
  • Ibiza FR - 1.0 MPI. Sporty trim with 17-inch wheels and drive mode selector.
  • FR Sport - 1.0 TSI 95. 18-inch wheels with sport trim and suede-effect upholstery.
  • Ibiza Xcellence - 1.0 TSI 95. Rear parking sensors and chrome accents.
  • Ibiza Xcellence Lux - 1.0 TSI 110. Parking sensors, rearview camera and adaptive cruise control.

Disclaimer: Please note that the specifications listed below for SEAT Ibiza deals were correct at the time of writing. Specs should always be checked before agreeing to our SEAT Ibiza car lease deals.

SEAT Ibiza Hatchback Range

The SEAT Ibiza Hatchback is what is known in the industry as a supermini car –– meaning it's a small car with a hatchback, ideal for getting around the city. With a sleek exterior and spacious interior all SEAT Ibiza cars are complete with high-quality features built for comfort, performance and luxury.


  • ECO LED headlights
  • Dashboard technology like Apple Carplay or Android Auto
  • Lane assist
  • Automatic or manual transmission in stock
  • Alloy wheels

Discover our SEAT Ibiza leasing offers today. Whichever of our SEAT Ibiza deals you're eyeing, we make it easy to compare prices and specs to find the SEAT Ibiza suited to your style and pocket. Fill in our online enquiry form or call us to speak to a consultant to discuss our SEAT Ibiza hatchback availability and lease process.

How Does Leasing a SEAT Ibiza Hatchback Work?

Choose your car

Start by browsing our latest SEAT Ibiza lease offers to see what works for you.

Read expert reviews

Learn about the 2023 Seat Ibiza range with car expert Steve Lumley. Consider the price and specs and compare trims, technology and running costs.

Build your deal

Select the duration of your contract, from 24 to 48 months, annual mileage, and any additional add-ons you would like to include in your monthly rental price.



  • A new SEAT Ibiza lease deal lets you avoid depreciation risk.
  • You won't have to worry about a Ministry of Transport (MOT) test until your new Ibiza takes its 3rd birthday.
  • You'll enjoy the benefits of a manufacturer's warranty and zero road tax costs.
  • Leasing the SEAT Ibiza hatchback is a great choice and enables you to access low, fixed prices to help you plan your monthly budget.


  • To lease a SEAT Ibiza you'll need to have a decent credit rating to be accepted.
  • If owning a car at the end of your term is important to you, then other finance options may be more suitable.
  • If owning a car at the end of your term is important to you, other finance options may be more suitable.
  • SEAT Ibiza automatic lease deals are subject to availability.

Choosing Your SEAT Ibiza Lease Deal

SEAT makes a great selection of stylish and innovative cars and the SEAT Ibiza hatchback is no exception! With flexible mileage options to suit your needs, our affordable SEAT Ibiza offers are priced to suit your budget.

With over 25 years of experience under our belt, some call us the “grandfathers” of car leasing. And like all grandads, we go the extra mile for our family, sharing knowledge, wisdom, and insight to help you make the best choices when it comes to leasing vehicles.

First Vehicle Leasing: Leaders in Vehicle Lease Deals

First Vehicle Leasing is an established company that makes acquiring a personal or SEAT Ibiza business lease deal easy. We're proud to be associated with excellent customer service. In fact, we encourage clients to contact us directly to find out about how we can make the process easier and help you save money and become the proud driver of a SEAT Ibiza on contract hire.

If you're looking for something else, browse our selection of car lease deals from other top car brands – such as Ford, Kia and Peugeot.

Leasing a Seat Ibiza with FVL

You can enquire online or place your order over the phone –– whichever you prefer. With a SEAT Ibiza car lease from FVL, you can be assured that you are dealing with experts. We are BVRLA approved, and partner with the UK's top organisations to help match you to an affordable SEAT Ibiza lease in the UK deal that meets your needs. We are also regulated by the FCA, so you can trust we know a thing or two about cars.

We are proud to be known for our stellar customer service and transparent communication, with a 4.82-star rating on Give us a call to discuss your needs and we'll find you the next hot deal on SEAT's Ibiza models.

Find an amazing SEAT Ibiza hatchback contract hire. In just 24 to 48 months, you could be the driver of a brand new SEAT Ibiza hatchback. Call or enquire online today about our SEAT Ibiza lease deals today.


SEAT Ibiza Car Leasing - FAQs

First Vehicle Leasing makes car leasing an easy process and we're always ready to take your call. If you can't find the answer to your SEAT auto leasing questions, we encourage you to give us a call and speak to an FVL consultant today.

  • Is it better to buy or lease a car?

    The debate for leasing and financing a car always comes down to whether you want to own the car after your contract period. As a leasing company, we offer SEAT Ibiza leasing deals and similar options as an affordable way to drive a new vehicle for a period of 24 to 48 months.

    With a lease arrangement, you don't have the responsibility of road tax as it's covered by the lessors. You also don't have to have to worry about vehicle depreciation. Financing a car means that you still pay a monthly instalment over a contract period and eventually own the vehicle once it's paid off.

  • Does the SEAT Ibiza hatchback have Emergency brake assist?

    Yes. The 1.0 tsi 95, FR Sport, SE Technology, 1.0 tsi 110 all come standard with reliable EBA, that helps reduce the distance it takes for you to stop. If you're looking for a safe small car that's built for comfort, consider a SEAT Ibiza personal lease today.