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Practical and fun small hatchback

Lots of equipment fitted

The Mini Hatch is a practical and fun small hatchback that is available in either three- or five-door guise. Both offer lots of equipment and style.


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Leasing a Mini Hatchback

Engines and performance for the Mini Hatch

Engines for the Mini Hatch three- and five-door variants include a 1.5 litre petrol engine producing 102 HP and a top speed of 120 mph. Fuel economy is around 50 mpg and there's a 2.0 litre petrol unit available too. This produces 136 HP with fuel economy of 49 mpg. Both are very good performers with an excellent six-speed manual gearbox but also having the option of a smooth changing seven-speed automatic transmission. Emissions range from 115g/km to 145g/km.

Equipment and handling

The Mini Hatch line-up was revamped in 2018 to include a fresher exterior style and a longer options list, including 3-D printed parts and laser engraving. There is a 6.5-inch colour infotainment screen fitted as standard with USB and Bluetooth connectivity as well as a multifunction steering wheel. There's wireless smartphone charging and the revamp saw the introduction of Mini's Connected services featuring real-time traffic information, along with a concierge service and online search. The leather trim range was also extended as were the exterior colours and there's a new interior backlit surface. The popular feature of a Mini logo projection onto the floor when the driver's door is opened was retained. Behind the wheel, the Mini Hatch undoubtedly delivers a nimble and fun driving experience and whether drivers opt for the six-speed manual box or the new seven-speed Steptronic transmission with double clutch, the gear shifting is smooth to deliver a responsive drive. The engines are excellent and the suspension has been tweaked to deliver a rewarding drive on country roads but also absorbing bumps and potholes around town. The Mini also led the way when it came to personalisation options and there's an online shop to help potential owners decide on what they want to add. The revamp also saw the introduction of a new cooling system and exhaust system. Satnav is also a standard fitting, and with the Mini inbuilt camera system, the car's stop/start system can be controlled intelligently to identify the situations when the engine should not be switched off, for example, should the driver stop briefly before turning from a main road and when stationery traffic begins moving again. Essentially, the Mini Hatch is a popular small car for a wide range of reasons and while the three-door version is an excellent offering, the five-door Hatch delivers more practicality.

More information about the Mini Hatchback

Why not have a look at the Hatchback on the official Mini UK company website and get the latest news about it at The UK Mini Owners' Club.

MINI HATCHBACK 1.5 One Classic II 3dr

Mini Hatchback from First Vehicle Leasing


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