Lexus LS Review, Specs & Performance

Luxury saloon offers comfort and is a well-engineered car that will impress.

The contract hire Lexus LS is a luxury saloon that offers a refined and comfortable car. The LS has been well-engineered and is the flagship saloon offering from Lexus.

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Overview of the Lexus LS


There's a lot to like about the self-charging Lexus LS car lease hybrid model with fuel economy of 35 mpg and emissions of 182g/km.

Drivers get to enjoy a 3.5-litre petrol V6 producing 295 bhp, with an advanced electric motor generating 177 bhp to deliver the performance and economy.

It will accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 5.4 seconds and the power is delivered by an automatic gearbox. The electric motor has the potential for all-electric driving but is mainly used to help boost acceleration.

The LS is capable of achieving 87 mph under battery power before the petrol engine kicks in.

Lexus LS

Lexus LS in a nutshell

Essentially, the contract hire Lexus LX makes for an interesting alternative to its luxury saloon rivals and it's a rewarding and agile car to drive with the hybrid offering delivering fuel economy and high-end luxury.


The fifth generation of the Lexus LS car lease model delivers a luxurious saloon that is packed with equipment and some very good design ideas.

The entry-level model is packed with kit including 20-inch alloy wheels, satnav, a 12.3-inch infotainment display along with various connected services, including being smartphone compatible.

Safety equipment for the LS includes a 360° panoramic view monitoring system that has pedestrian alert, plus there's rear cross traffic alert and blind spot monitoring.

Other models feature a 23-speaker sound system, adaptive variable suspension, heated rear seats and Alcantara roof lining.

The top model is the Lexus LS 500h Takumi which includes fully automated advanced parking, rear seats with a massage in function, four-zone climate control, a digital rear-view mirror, a large colour head-up display and a rear seat entertainment system.

The LS delivers a rewarding drive with sublime handling and smooth acceleration to make this a car to enjoy.

The interior for the LS impresses and makes clear this is a high-end luxury saloon.
The dashboard is almost unique, and the cabin is a refined and comfortable place to spend time.

The boot size is 430 litres, but this is a saloon that delivers lots of space for rear seat passengers - there is plenty of head and knee room.

While this is a fairly long car, it is 5.2 metres in length, it is a comfortable car to drive around town and fun to drive on winding country lanes.


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