Cupra Formentor Lease Deals

Looking to lease a CUPRA Formentor? With First Vehicle Leasing, CUPRA Formentor car leasing deals are an economical way to drive a brand-new car without having to pay the full purchase price. Compare our CUPRA Formentor lease deals to find your next new car today.

First Vehicle Leasing offers CUPRA Formentor lease deals at a contract length of 24 to 48 months. Fill in an online enquiry form today to kickstart your journey to getting a brand-new car.

Cupra FORMENTOR Review

Which CUPRA Formentor Is Ideal for You?

The CUPRA Formentor was first introduced to the market in 2020 and has been making waves as a crossover SUV like the CUPRA Ateca.

This car boasts LED headlights, a strong powertrain, adaptive cruise control, and high trim levels on all models. CUPRA Formentor models are manufactured with performance, luxury, and safety in mind. Spacious and comfortable interiors are complimented by high-tech dashboard features for additional practicality. Explore our available CUPRA Formentor models to find the best CUPRA Formentor lease deals for you. 

Disclaimer: Please note that the specifications listed below for CUPRA Formentor deals were correct at the time of writing. Specs should always be checked before agreeing to our CUPRA Formentor car lease deals.

CUPRA Formentor Estate Plug-in Hybrid

The CUPRA plug-in hybrid Formentor is a powerful yet practical model with a sporty look. This CUPRA Formentor car for lease can reach a top speed of 130 mph safely on the 19" alloy wheels and comes complete with interior luxuries for a smooth, comfortable ride.


  • Rear parking sensors
  • Leather seats
  • 176.60 mpg fuel consumption
  • Adaptive cruise control

Find your ideal CUPRA Formentor hybrid lease deal with us. Fill in an online enquiry form for a personal or business lease or browse for the latest deals and availability on our CUPRA brand range. Call us for a free quote.

CUPRA Formentor SUV Estate

The CUPRA Formentor SUV Estate has a petrol-powered, 2.0 TSI engine with an automatic transmission. Complete with parking aid, Formentor 19" alloy wheels, and rear cameras, this model is an efficient luxury car that offers practicality and comfort.


  • 37.20 mpg fuel consumption
  • Lane assist technology
  • Speed-sensitive power steering
  • 450-litre boot space

CUPRA Formentor Special Edition VZN

The special edition CUPRA has everything you love in a sporty SUV but with extra features and a different look. This model has all the trims, like rear parking sensors and auto LED headlights. Expect extras such as a black grille, Dinamica bucket seats, and premium dashboard equipment that make driving it an absolute dream.


  • 19" sporty matte-black alloys
  • 4Drive all-wheel drive
  • Seven-speed DSG
  • Climate control interior

First Vehicle Leasing offers CUPRA Formentor lease deals for business and personal leasing. Browse our CUPRA range and Fill in an online enquiry form to talk about our CUPRA Formentor offers.

How Does Leasing a CUPRA Formentor Work?

Choose your car

Start by browsing our latest in-stock special offer lease deals to see what works for you.

Read expert reviews

Learn about the 2023 CUPRA Formentor range with car expert Steve Lumley. See pricing, check availability and specs and compare trims.

Build your deal

Tailor your car lease on a CUPRA Formentor to your needs. Select the duration of your contract, the annual mileage, and any additional add-ons you would like to include in your monthly rental price.



  • A CUPRA Formentor lease deal lets you avoid depreciation risk.
  • No Ministry of Transport (MOT) roadworthy checks until your new Formentor takes its 3rd birthday.
  • You'll enjoy the benefits of a full manufacturer's warranty and not having to pay road tax.
  • You can get a CUPRA Formentor personal lease for your business.
  • By leasing the CUPRA, you can drive an exceptional vehicle at an affordable, monthly rate within your budget.


  • To lease a CUPRA Formentor, you'll need to have a good credit rating to be accepted and have the finance capital to make an initial rental.
  • Certain CUPRA models are subject to availability.
  • You'll lease your new Formentor and return it at the end of your agreement.
  • If owning a car at the end of your term is important to you, other finance options may be more suitable than leasing a CUPRA Formentor.

Choosing Your CUPRA Formentor Lease Deal

CUPRA offers a range of stylish and innovative cars, and the Formentor car hire is no exception! With flexible mileage options to suit your needs, our affordable  CUPRA Formentor lease offers can suit your budget needs.

With over 25 years of experience under our belt, some call us the “grandfathers” of car leasing. And like all grandads, we go the extra mile for our family, sharing knowledge, wisdom, and insight to help you make the best choices when it comes to leasing vehicles.

First Vehicle Leasing: Premium Service & Deals Since 1999

First Vehicle Leasing is an expert and reputable car leasing company in the UK. Our mission is to give customers ideal CUPRA Formentor leasing deals that meet their personal requirements.

Speak to an FVL consultant about our CUPRA Formentor deals or fill out our online form for a quote. Simply add your mileage, CUPRA model, contract length and initial rental to find a CUPRA Formentor contract hire offer that works for you.

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Leasing a Cupra Formentor with FVL

You can enquire online or place your order over the phone – whichever you prefer. FVL is a car leasing business committed to offering exceptional customer service and the best leasing deals. When you lease with FVL you can be assured that you are dealing with experts. We are BVRLA-approved, and partner with the UK's top organisations to help match you to an affordable CUPRA Formentor deal that meets your needs. We are also regulated by the FCA, so you can trust we know a thing or two about cars.

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If you're looking for a business or personal car lease on a CUPRA Formentor, we've always got a special offer on hand, ready to quote. Give us a call to discuss our CUPRA Formentor lease deals today.



The First Vehicle Leasing team is ready to answer your questions about our latest deals. If you can't find the answer that you're looking for you can submit an online enquiry form or contact us directly to speak to a consultant.

  • Is the CUPRA Formentor a good car?

    Our CUPRA Formentor lease in the UK offers a very good SUV –– all of the parts and engines have been tried and tested in other models. The CUPRA brand itself is also highly rated amongst vehicle review forums across the web.

  • What engine does the CUPRA Formentor have?

    The CUPRA Formentor has a 2.0-litre petrol engine, though the plug-in hybrid is worth considering for better economy and low running costs.

  • Should I buy or lease a CUPRA Formentor?

    With the amount of money that new cars can lose, leasing a CUPRA Formentor makes sense. If you are not fussed about owning the vehicle at the end, it can be the smartest way to get into a brand-new car.

  • Is the CUPRA Formentor a safe car?

    The CUPRA Formentor has been given a full five-star rating by Euro NCAP. When you lease a Formentor, you can rest assured you’re driving a safe car. Its parent company, SEAT, has been manufacturing vehicles for over 60 years and is also part of the Volkswagen Group. As professionals in the car leasing industry, we work directly with manufacturers to ensure that all the vehicles we offer are reliable and capable of everything that they claim.

  • How long are CUPRA Formentor leases?

    We offer various leasing options for contract length, ranging from 24 to 48 months, and you can use our online enquiry form to determine the costs. Simply enter your preferred CUPRA Formentor leasing model, initial rental, annual mileage and any add-ons you're interested in to receive a free quote at the best price. Ask us about our CUPRA Formentor business lease offers and compare our latest deals.

  • What is the difference between finance and leasing options?

    Car leasing means that you pay a monthly rental for a pre-determined contract hire period and return the vehicle once the contract is over. On the other hand, when you finance a vehicle, your lender provides the money upfront, and you pay it off in monthly instalments. In the end, the car belongs to you.

    Car leasing also means that you don't pay road tax, need to do an MOT for contracts under 24 months, and don't have to worry about vehicle depreciation in the first two years. While it depends on the make and model of your car, leasing also makes it easier to afford a new car at the best price.

  • Do CUPRA Formentor leasing deals include maintenance?

    While our leasing company does include a full manufacturer’s warranty and road tax in our CUPRA Formentor finance deals, maintenance will need to be taken out separately. When applying for our CUPRA Formentor lease deals in stock, simply request a maintenance plan, and we will gladly assist you.