2024 BMW M8 Review, Specs & Performance

Incredible coupe performance

Excellent handling delivers fun

The BMW M8 delivers incredible sports car performance along with excellent handling. This is a very powerful coupe with lots of space and luxury to enjoy.

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Overview of the BMW M8

Engines and performance for the BMW M8

The BMW M8 has incredible levels of performance, powered by the impressive twin-turbocharged 4.4 litre V8 producing 616bhp. Its top speed is limited electronically to 155 mph - there is an option to push this to 190 mph. The 0 to 62 mph sprint time is just 3.2 seconds, so the M8 will give its better-known sports car rivals a run for the money. The power is delivered using a smooth changing eight-speed automatic transmission. The M8's emissions are 242g/km and fuel economy is 25mpg.

Equipment and handling

The BMW M Competition is the firm's quickest road-going car and it's faster than many rivals. Having said that, the car has a comfortable and stable stance and the chassis and suspension help the grip to deliver driving thrills. As a coupe, it's a practical choice particularly when compared with other sports cars, and it's a comfortable cruiser on motorways. The grip is enhanced by a four-wheel drive system that drivers can switch off so that the M8 becomes rear-wheel drive, which may prove useful on a race track. There are big digital displays for the instruments and the infotainment system is excellent. Standard equipment includes a head-up display, satnav, smartphone connectivity and luxurious leather seats. There's also cruise control, a rear view camera, heated front seats and an impressive sound system. Behind the wheel, the M8 is responsive and easy to drive, even around town - rough roads and potholes are dealt with capably by the suspension and while it is a longer vehicle than many of its competitors, it's an easy car to live with. The adaptive suspension can also be altered by using different driving modes with the comfort selection delivering a cosseted experience. Switch to sport or sport+ and the sharper throttle response and harder suspension set-up delivers a more impressive sports car experience. The cabin has been well-designed with extensive use of premium materials and the overall impression is of a luxurious and well-made car. The safety kit is also extensive and includes radar and ultrasonic sensors and various cameras to help protect the car in motion. Essentially, the BMW M8 is a great looking coupe that is incredibly fast, packed with luxury and equipment but the overall experience is of a well-made car designed to deliver the ultimate in driving experiences.

More information about the BMW M8

Why not have a look at the M8 on the official BMW UK company website and get the latest news about it at The UK BMW Owners' Club.


BMW M8 in a nutshell

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