BMW 1 Series Review, Specs & Performance

The BMW 1 Series is a premium and efficient hatchback that delivers style and practicality for those who like a vehicle that is fun to drive. It's an impressive hatchback and a sporty-looking creation.

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Overview of the BMW 1 Series

Why lease a bmw 1 series?

The third generation of the BMW 1 Series manages to set a new standard in the premium compact class. For those wanting improved driving dynamics and agility, then this car is for you. There's a cutting edge suspension in a small car that comes with front-wheel drive and the option of four-wheel drive. It took five years of development to create a really impressive car for the segment.

Engines and performance for the BMW 1 Series

Of the engines, there is a new 2.0 litre four-cylinder unit that's been developed to help boost the BMW 1 Series' popularity. BMW says this is the most powerful four-cylinder unit they've ever produced and it features 'TwinPower' turbo technology with the unit delivering 306 HP. In addition to a bigger exhaust turbocharger, the fuel injection valves have also been optimised and there are new pistons fitted as well. The engines will deliver great performance around town and at speed on motorways. There's the potential of three diesel five petrol engines and a new petrol-electric plug-in hybrid variant. The current model has eight engines available in its line-up and they all offer great levels of performance.

Equipment and handling

The BMW 1 Series for 2021 has more space inside than its predecessor and it sets new standards for driving dynamics that will really attract the plaudits. Not only does the vehicle have front-wheel drive (whereas the current model has rear-wheel drive), it promises a responsive and enjoyable driving experience. The steering is precise and the wheel slip limitation system will give drivers more confidence when behind the wheel. This better level of traction reduces understeer and there's no overreaction from the performance control system to counter the car's movements.

The larger cabin means more space for occupants, particularly for those sitting in the rear seats. The boot has also been increased in size to meet demand. Indeed, BMW says its research reveals that buyers of the 1 Series prefer higher levels of accommodation and versatility rather than having better driving dynamics. As a result, the interior has also been designed to impress.

For those who like the current model, then they will enjoy a BMW 1 Series that is not only fun to drive but the fuel-efficient engines deliver low running costs. The car comes with lots of equipment fitted as standard and an impressive, well-designed interior.  For anyone in the market for a quality, well-made small hatchback, then the BMW 1 Series - is certainly one to consider.

More information about the BMW 1 Series

To see further specification and images for the BMW 1 Series, download the official brochure on the official BMW UK company website.

BMW 1 Series

BMW 1 Series in a nutshell

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