Would You Sell Your Private Parts to Afford a Car?

You may have noticed that a wacky chap called Mark Parisi has been in the news lately. This is all because he wants to sell something to afford a car.

Let me be blunt here; he wants to sell one of his parts. His private parts. From downstairs. I mean that he plans to make money be selling his left testicle. This novel approach to generating money apparently follows on from his money-raising attempts which involved undergoing medical tests for cash.

Almost a Straight Swap

sellIt seems that the going rate on the open market for one of these fine objects is $35,000. The car he wants is a Nissan 370Z, which costs $36,000. This means that it is almost a straight swap – used testicle for new Nissan – although he might have to throw in an ear or a toe or something to make up the balance.

Now, before you start getting quotes on the current value of your own undercarriage, I reckon this is a good moment to point out that selling your body parts for money is pretty much illegal everywhere these days. Parisi was interviewed on a couple of TV programme about his plans to sell one of his family jewels and couched it in terms of donating his parts to medical science instead of selling it.

This all leads us to the question of whether or not you would sell one of your most treasured body parts in order to buy a car. You might never have thought of this as a car financing option before but the creative solution of Mr Parisi might get you thinking.

Do you think that selling an intimate body part to buy a car is a clever way to afford a new vehicle or the craziest thing you have ever heard?

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