Recession? What recession?

The UK’s new car market continues to grow – with sales up 3.5% in June.

Ford Fiesta

Britain's best selling car - the Ford Fiesta

That’s four months in a row that sales have increased with June’s total of new car sales reaching 189,514 units. The surge in sales is being led by private car buyers.

Paul Everitt, SMMT’s chief executive, said: “Despite domestic and international economic concerns, UK motorists are responding positively to new products and the latest fuel-efficient technology.

“The industry has performed better than expected in the first half of the year and we will now need to work hard to sustain growth.”

Hmmmm, against an uncertain economic background the next six months should prove to be very interesting for car sales.

However, among the winners is Kia which had a record month. They sold 5,971 new cars in June.

The firm is seeing sales increase by a fifth over last year but they have some great models for private buyers.

The success of Kia underpins what The Flying Dutchman said yesterday in his post ‘Bleeding for a Future‘ which is that private buyers are interested in smaller cars with longer warranties and a reliable build.

Some of the more established European firms are finding it difficult to match five and seven year warranties (even though Kia has a factory in Slovakia managing to do just that).

Having said that, the best selling car in June was Ford’s Fiesta.

Again it’s a small and sporty car with good levels of spec. Plus it is cheap to run.

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