Is 5 Million Pounds Too Much for a Car?

Photo credit: Craig Howell

When someone wins a few million on the lottery they often say that they are going to buy a new car. Fair enough, you might say, but what kind of car would you splash out on?

I got to thinking about when I read about the classic Bentley Blower selling for, gulp, £5 million at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Can you even imagine driving a car which costs about the same as an average football player?

Sure, it once got up to 137 mph and set a record or two, but 5 million is a helluva lot of cash. If I were to pay that much for a vehicle I would want to be able to sleep in it, make my dinner in it and rent it out to other gullible fools.

Take It Back, Why Don’t You?

I mentioned my dream cars a while back but even the time-travelling DeLorean wouldn’t persuade me to part with 5 million pounds from my lottery winnings. Even worse is the fact that they were looking for someone to buy the Bentley and leave it in the museum at Goodwood. What’s the point of that then? That’s like buying a burger and chips from your local grease emporium and then telling them to put them it back on the grill after you paid for it.

Now that I think about it, there is only one car I would pay so much for, and that would be my uncle’s old rust bucket. I don’t even know what kind of car it was (I have a vague suspicion that it only possessed 3 wheels). However, I enjoyed so much time in this old vehicle that it would be like stepping back in time. Of course, it must have been pounded down into scrap metal long before now, so my lotto cash is safe to be used to fritter away in casinos and to buy gold plated shoes and other such essential stuff.

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