New Maserati Levante Hybrid unveiled

Maserati Levante Hybrid car lease front

The new Maserati Levante Hybrid car lease range offers a stylish vehicle.

This is the brand’s first electric SUV and there’s a lot to like about the Maserati Levante Hybrid car leasing range.

The car uses a 2.0-litre petrol engine with four-cylinders which has been mated to a 48V hybrid system.

This will recover energy during braking and deceleration to top up the battery.

The new hybrid weighs less than the six-cylinder engine equivalent and there’s better weight distribution – thanks to the location of the battery pack – to improve handling.

The hybrid delivers performance of 330HP with torque of 450Nm with the power being delivered using an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The Levante Hybrid is only available in all-wheel drive guise with a 0 to 62 mph sprint time of six seconds.

Contract hire Maserati Levant Hybrid

The contract hire Maserati Levant Hybrid delivers a top speed of 149 mph.

Maserati says that its new offering is geared to delivering performance and fuel economy.

There’s also ‘eBooster’ technology added to improve the power and response when driving at low revs.

The Levante now sits alongside the Ghibli Hybrid to help move the marque towards full electrification.

Maserati has also boosted the exhaust note of the four-cylinder unit by using an artificial noise system for the cabin.

Maserati fans will be pleased to know that the system faithfully recreates the six-cylinder’s engine roar when accelerating.

New Maserati Connect system

Maserati Levante Hybrid car lease 2

There’s also a new Maserati Connect system onboard to stay connected and it also monitors the car’s health.

The system will tell drivers when a service is to be scheduled and, the firm says, will help to boost the customer care experience.

The system also uses a smartphone app to stay in contact with their car and this can be accessed using a virtual assist, such as Amazon’s Alexa.

Design tweaks for the Levante Hybrid

Exterior design tweaks for the Levante Hybrid include a new metallic colour as an option.

The firm has also added blue exterior and interior details to highlight the Levante’s hybrid credentials.

These additions include the brake callipers, the side air ducts and the logo on the C-pillar.

Maserati says that this foray into electrification sees the carmaker remaining ‘true to its roots’ and delivering agility and speed, as well as driving luxury and pleasure.

The Maserati Levante Hybrid car lease range is available to order now.