German Guys Drive BMW Swimming Pool and Get Busted

Sometimes there is nothing I like better than coming across a weird news story. Reading about dogs being kidnapped by UFOs and dwarves getting involved in barroom brawls is one of little’s little pleasures.

However, I got taken aback this morning when I discovered a story I must have missed at the time it was reported. It was about police stopping a BMW swimming pool in Germany. What?

It seems that a representative of the forces of law and order in the town of Eibenstock was slightly surprised to see water splashing out a BMW as it went round a corner. As we went to investigate he saw that the car been turned into, well, a BMW swimming pool if we are being honest.

Two Passengers in Swimming Trunks

bmwThe driver was accompanied by three passengers, two of them in swimming trunks and one of them dipping his toes in the water. Apparently, the pool car worked with just one gear, didn’t have a licence plate and had a maximum speed of just over 15 mph.

As the policemen gave chase the 4 guys ditched the mobile swimming pool and made their getaway. They were believed to have been drunk, which is pretty easy to believe really.

They had sealed the car and then filled it with about 2000 litres of water in a fairly amusing prank. When one of them later went back to collect the shoes and wallet he had left in the car the police spotted him and collared him. He admitted that it has been a “stupid idea” and that they had just been looking for a bit of fun.

It seems as though the German cops are thinking about charging them for drink driving and for driving without insurance.  This is a sad end to a bizarre prank to be fair.

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