2024 Mazda 2 Review, Specs & Performance

Impressive hatchback has a fresh look

We've always been a fan of the Mazda2. It's understated good looks belies what is an impressive handling hatchback. And now it comes new trim grades and a fresh look. The interior has been revamped too and of course the equipment list has been boosted.

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Overview of the Mazda 2

For anybody who wants a great all round small hatchback, then the Mazda2 should be on your shortlist. Along with new trim names and a new look, the car really does stand out. Which is lucky as it's one of the toughest sectors to crack. With competition like the new Vauxhall Corsa, Pegueot 208, Hyundia I10, Toyota's Yaris the new Mazda2 will need to work very hard to claim it's market share.

Mazda 2

Mazda 2 in a nutshell

The Mazda2 has been a popular choice with drivers for several years now, and the revised offering will undoubtedly impress them. Mazda says that the new design features will give drivers a wider choice to reflect their individuality and the broader selection of colours means you can style your to your hearts content.

Among those features is a new grille which accentuates the sporty credentials, and two models feature a large, coloured panel along the bottom of the grille to deliver an unmistakable new look.


Mazda2 - Engines & Performance

Petrol Power

The Mazda2 range retains the 1.5-litre petrol engine which is available in outputs of 75 PS, 90 PS and 115 PS. All variants offer a refined and punchy performance.

There’s a choice of manual or automatic transmissions for the supermini with the 90 PS car delivering excellent levels of performance to meet most driver’s needs. The 75 PS is a good performer around town, while the most powerful unit is good for long motorway journeys.

The carmaker says that the engine for the new model is more efficient with emissions of 120g/km and economy of 60 mpg.

Mazda2 - Equipment & Handling

Trim Levels

The new model Mazda2 comes with four trim levels. Starting with the 'Centre-Line' the standard model in the range comes with a healthy specification including cruise control, wireless Apple CarPlay, Satnav, Climate Control and integrated Bluetooth.

Moving up to the 'Homura' give the same specification but with a sportier black and red colour palette which makes the car really stand out, you also gain some additional safety and a reversing camera.

The 'Exclusive-Line' takes the specification up a notch with equipment like key-less entry, 16" bright alloy wheels, LED daytime running lights and rear privacy glass.

The range topping 'Homura AKA' brings more sports styling like a black roof and alloys and lots of hi-tech kit such as heated front seats and steering wheel, and luxury with half leather trimmed seats.

Driving the Mazda2

Behind the wheel, the Mazda2 delivers a comfortable and rewarding driving experience, and the supermini has a suspension that is both dynamic and yet helps to make this a comfortable car on rough roads. There’s a lot of driver involvement and this is undoubtedly a quality car that delivers on several fronts - with the extra individuality making it a standout creation.

The new Mazda2 sits alongside the Mazda2 Hybrid, and both are strong contenders for the competitive supermini segment, but there’s a lot to like about the Mazda2 for indivuality and value for money.


We liked the old Mazda 2 (notice the space has gone!) but the new Mazda2 offers even more impressive levels of performance and handling. This specifications and interior are now bang-up-to-date meaning that all in all, along with the price, should be a hot contender on your shortlist.