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Land Rover Range Rover Review, Specs & Performance

Leasing a new Range Rover offers drivers luxury and elegance in what is a brilliant SUV package. It's a hard to beat offering with sophistication and refinement to make this a top leasing choice - and the long list of personalisation options make it a cracking vehicle. Compare our Range Rover lease deals available for 2022.

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Overview of the Land Rover Range Rover

The new Range Rover has deftly gone upmarket in a bid to distance itself from its new rivals, but this is a smooth and refined offering to impress. It remains the best luxury SUV on the market.

Why choose a Range Rover?

There's a wide choice of powertrains available for the Range Rover car leasing range, and a pure EV offering that will be available in 2024. Until then, drivers have the choice of plug-in hybrids for this fifth generation of Range Rover that also features a 3.0-litre petrol engine that is coupled to a 105kW electric motor. It produces either 450 hp or 510 hp with emissions of just 18g/km to make this an excellent choice for company car drivers.

The entry-level model uses the same 3.0-litre petrol engine with six cylinders, along with mild-hybrid technology. Drivers should expect fuel economy of 30 mpg, and the engine develops 400 hp with emissions of 215g/km. There's also a powerful V8 petrol engine option that delivers 530 hp of power.

For those who want to lease a Range Rover with a diesel engine, the new model features a 3.0-litre diesel unit offering either 300 hp or 350 hp. The emissions for both diesels are 198g/km. The plug-in hybrid can also be quickly charged in less than an hour on a rapid charger or, using a 7kW wall box, the battery recharge time will take five hours.

It should go without saying that all models offer effortless performance with the plug-in hybrid powertrain particularly impressing. Despite the size and weight of the Range Rover, drivers will sprint from 0 to 62 mph in just over five seconds. The power for all versions of the Range Rover is delivered using an eight-speed automatic gearbox, and all models have four-wheel drive.

Land Rover Range Rover

Land Rover Range Rover in a nutshell

Leasing a Range Rover is an easy process with the new model being available in either four-, five- or seven-seat (a first for Range Rover) choices with two wheelbase designs - they are either standard or long wheelbase.

What to expect when you lease a Range Rover

The new Range Rover has deftly gone upmarket in a bid to distance itself from its new rivals, but this is a smooth and refined offering to impress. It remains the best luxury SUV on the market. There's dynamic suspension to deliver a smooth ride, and the vehicle has a wading depth of 900 mm - and don't forget this is still one of the best off-roading vehicles available. The plug-in hybrid offers a 70-mile electric range which will see three-quarters of Range Rover drivers being able to travel on electric power every day and maintain low running costs.

This still looks like a Range Rover despite the new look with pop-out door handles, alloy wheels and a stylish new dashboard with veneer - some models have ceramic additions. Drivers get an excellent infotainment system that is easy to use with a clear instrument display and over the air updates. The longer wheelbase models offer the option of electrically folding armrests among the long list of items though this model is luxurious – especially in the four-seat version.

There’s lots of space to carry adults and their luggage easily and there is quality leather used throughout – and there is a vegan-friendly interior available. The cabin is quiet at speed and the noise cancelling sound played through the headrest does work effectively. There’s no body roll because of the stiffer, all-new platform and excellent suspension, and the Range Rover lease is accomplished at speed. The Range Rover also offers personalisation and luxury with a number of creative design themes and a long list of personalisation options.

Demand is very strong for the new Range Rover car lease range from customers desperate to get their hands on what is an all-round impressive vehicle. It's a modern and sophisticated creation with seamless connectivity and for contract hire driving elegance, nothing comes close.

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