Welcome back to the Chevrolet Camaro. Sort of.

To the PR men the return of the Camaro is ‘a legend reborn’ but to most people it’s the car off the Transformers movie.


The new Camaro

That’s because it was never sold here so it’s barely known – even in motoring circles.

However, Chevrolet are determined we will love the big beast because it has been built with European drivers in mind.

As muscle cars go it’s certainly a looker (and apologies for the promo pic which looks like the photographer’s lights have failed) and the two model’s V8 engines produce maximum 432PS and 569Nm of torque with a top speed of 155mph.

According to Chevrolet: “It was the muscle car that stole the hearts and imaginations of people everywhere, providing subject matter for wall posters, T-shirts, and songs for four decades. Now it’s back, better and mightier than ever and ready to reclaim its place of honour on European roads. And bedroom walls.”

People really do get paid good money to come up with nonsense like that.

It’s been gone for a decade but they’ve paid attention to the suspension so it will drive well in Europe plus there are a whole raft of other refinements.

Prices for the coupé start at £35,025 while the convertible prices start at £40,025 OTR. There’s also a 45th Anniversary packages available at an additional £1,500 each including VAT.

I can’t help feeling that however the firm tries to sell the Camaro it’s going to have its work cut out – especially since it looks like only being available in left hand drive.

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