New Drivers to Get Tougher Rules? No More Cake and Coffee for Their Brothers?

Photo credit: Alan Cleaver

I mentioned a while ago how my sister refused to drive on the motorway even after passing her driving test. As we lived in a small town next to the motorway this kind of limited her motoring options but I could understand how she felt.

As luck would have it I was always happy to help out and drive to her favourite shopping centre, where she would buy me some cake and coffee to steel myself for the motorway trip home.

All of my driving lessons took place around midday on Sundays and most were on quiet streets and in decent summer conditions, well decent for Scotland I guess. I was therefore just a little worried the first time I had to drive on the motorway as well, or at night or in bad weather conditions.

It therefore sounds to me like the Government idea to make new drivers learn in all of these different kinds of conditions is pretty smart. I might not have too keen on the idea if it had been brought in while I was still learning but I can definitely see the benefit of it now, apart from all the thought of all those drivers who will be missing out on their motorway-allergic sisters buying them cake and coffee.

Study A Year Before the Test?

Another idea being proposed is that of making learner drivers learn for a year before they can take their test. After they pass their test they wouldn’t be able to have any passengers other than their family members and they would be subject to a curfew after dark. The last couple of points sound a little tricky to manage but the idea behind them is pretty good I think.

The thought behind these proposals is that we need to cut down on the number of accidents which young, inexperienced drivers get caught up in and lower their insurance costs at the same time. It is definitely something which I would like to hear more about in the future

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