Hyundai’s 4×4 is safest in its class

Are you in the market for a new 4×4? One that will protect you in all kinds of different situations?

Hyundai's New Generation Santa Fe

Hyundai’s New Generation Santa Fe

Then Hyundai’s New Generation Santa Fe is probably for you since it has just been rated as ‘best-in-class’ for safety in 2012.

And by that the assessors at Euro NCAP mean it is the best large off-roader they have tested for safety.

The motor scored the highest marks to make it one of the safest vehicles ever driven by the independent safety organisation.

The scores put the New Generation Santa Fe well ahead of the more popular Mercedes-Benz M-Class and Range Rover.

The report makes for interesting reading since the model scored top marks in adult and occupant safety categories. It did particularly well in the side barrier test.

The New Generation Santa Fe did well in the safety assist section, ably supported by an impressive electronic stability control.

It’s also the first Hyundai to be fitted with an active safety bonnet (though, as I’ve highlighted here before, all new cars will have this feature to comply with new EU laws) which will help protect a pedestrian should they be hit by the vehicle.

It stands out amongst its rival in this category but quite how a large 4×4 can ‘lift’ a pedestrian in a ‘helpful’ way over the bonnet to safety baffles me.

We quite like Hyundai cars here at the Firstvehicleleasing blog since they are well made and come with a great aftercare package which has forced other manufacturers to wake up and appreciate what customers really want.

All Hyundai’s sold in Europe come with the firm’s Five Year Triple Care of five years unlimited mileage warranty, five years of roadside assistance and five years of vehicle health check-ups.

They are also pretty great cars to drive and the New Generation Santa Fe joins New i20, ix20, ix35, i40, Veloster and the New Generation i30 in the maximum five-star Euro NCAP scores.

I’d highly recommend checking out the leasing packages for Hyundai’s since their aftercare package will be part of the leasing calculation – and it’s bound to be cheaper than buying one.

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