Fiat 500L: The Mini MPV goes large

Fiat has added an impressive model to its 500 line-up – the all new 500L.

Fiat 500L The new Fiat 500L

Some might say it has a passing resemblance to the Mini but it does have the 500’s unique personality, style and image.

It’s also a practical car that mixes user-friendly technology with eco-friendliness and plenty of space, all wrapped up in a great package. This combination of Italian style, together with Fiat’s ability to conceive and design cars that are innovative makes it much more than just a typical mini MPV.

Fiat has developed the new 500L with a ‘cab forward’ design which frees up passenger space inside. It means the Fiat 500L can easily accommodate five passengers with five suitcases.

The 500L also has a spacious feel thanks to extensive glazing. This includes windscreen pillars that have been divided and tapered to improve visibility and increase the car’s strength in case of a collision. A knock-on effect is that the Fiat 500L has already been made a five-star car crash safety by Euro NCAP.

Although it will be classified as a mini-MPV, the Fiat 500L will appeal to those owners who want more than just a functional family car.

As well as being the most space-efficient passenger car for its size, it has the widest range of colours in its segment.

And, compared to its rivals, it also has the cleanest petrol engine, the best passenger volume index, the biggest touchscreen radio and the largest glass roof on sale which are among the range of options specifically designed to make life with the 500L better.

Increasingly car makers are highlighting their infotainment capabilities and the 500L is no different.

However, among the options is the intriguing fact that it will be the first car to ever have the option if having a Lavazza coffee maker built into it.

Unlike most car makers, Fiat hasn’t got a demographic in mind for the car (but you’re still more likely to see young women driving them) and they say it’s the ‘owner’s attitude to life’ they are targeting. I’m not so sure what that means but the 500L is practical and fun and it goes on sale this Spring.

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