Volkswagen ID. Buzz Review, Specs & Performance

Electrical practicality in a futuristic package

With a Volkswagen ID.Buzz, you can change your perception of the modern family car. More than ample room for family adventures, a tranquil ride and looks that are from some place far in the future. Read on to find out more. 

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Overview of the Volkswagen ID. Buzz

The Volkswagen ID. Buzz is a futuristic creation that turns heads and offers lots of space and technology. It’s also a sound alternative for those considering a larger SUV but would like to lower their running costs.

Volkswagen ID. Buzz

Volkswagen ID. Buzz in a nutshell

In brief, the Volkswagen ID.Buzz is an utterly unique creation. An EV for the outdoorsy lifestyle family. It's customisable in all ways to ensure that your environmentally friendly wagon matches your personality to a tee.


Volkswagen ID.Buzz - Battery & Range

The Volkswagen ID. Buzz is all-electric, with the 77kWh battery offering versatility and a range of up to 250 miles. Future models are thought to provide more. VW says there might be smaller batteries available in future and other derivatives, including a California-style electric camper van.

The battery is a good performer, and the electric motor produces 204 hp, which is a great performer around town and on long motorway journeys. The power is delivered to the rear wheels, and the single-speed gearbox is predictable and smooth. The 0-62mph sprint time is just over nine seconds, and the top speed is 90mph.

And since the Volkswagen ID.Buzz offers zero emissions; it’s worth checking out the company car deals since, if available, the BiK rate will be very low.

Volkswagen ID.Buzz - Practicality & Equipment

Interior Space

The practicality of the ID Buzz is critical; it has an impressive 1,121 litres of boot space - which expands to an excellent 2,205 litres with the rear seats folded flat. As you’d expect, it’s cavernous. And with Volkswagen’s eye firmly locked in on the future, the rest of the interior has been made with recycled materials. All surfaces have a light, bright tone, which helps create a relaxed ambience. Behind the wheel, the body feels sturdy when out on the road, and there’s good grip for such a big vehicle, probably helped by the low centre of gravity. Steering is suitably assisted, and the EV is easy to manoeuvre due to its tight turning circle.

Live with the ID. Buzz for a while, and you’ll find the cabin is also very comfortable and quiet. The electric motor is near silent, and there’s little wind noise when travelling at speed.

Standard specifications

Standard features include a smartphone-compatible infotainment system, tinted rear windows, 19.0-inch alloys and LED headlights. Drivers also get wireless phone charging, climate control and all-round parking sensors, keyless start and three USB-C ports for charging those all-important devices.

Although we don’t have a Euro NCAP rating yet, there’s plenty of standard safety equipment, including road sign detection, lane-keep assist and autonomous emergency braking.

As for options, the list includes upholstery packages, stunning (almost obligatory with VW) two-tone paint finishes and larger alloy wheels. There’s also a bigger infotainment screen available, a partially automated driving system, a heated steering wheel and seats. You can really personalise and make this big cuddly EV your own.

Volkswagen ID.Buzz - Summary

FVL'S Pros And Cons For The Volkswagen I.D BUZZ


  • Looks amazing
  • Acres of space, flexible seating and colossal boot
  • Offers an exciting alternative to SUV’s
  • Super quiet ride
  • Great driving position and visibility


  • Longer range models are not out yet
  • Max DC charging is 135kW; we think it could be faster
  • VW’s media system could be more intuitive

Essentially, the Volkswagen ID. Buzz is a wonderful creation that will not only create a buzz from other drivers but also sets a high bar for EV practicality. For anyone wanting a spacious electric vehicle without investing in a thirsty SUV we feel it’s worth adding to your shortlist. Not to mention, it’s also just really cool, right?