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The Toyota Prius is a hatchback which offers low running costs as well as being practical and stylish too. The interior is also impressive.


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Leasing a Toyota Prius

Engines and performance for the Toyota Prius

The Prius will return around 73mpg and owners can switch between the electric motor to power the vehicle or use the 1.8 petrol engine. Obviously it makes sense to use the electric motor for shorter journeys as this will save money in fuel and reduce CO2 emissions by a large amount. Opt to use the petrol engine and a single tank will stretch to more than 700 miles. The 1.8 litre engine produces 98bhp and the electric motor 36bhp which means that the Prius has a combined output of 134bhp. This is actually quite useful and will see the car will reach 0 to 62 mph in 10.2 seconds. In addition, the CO2 emissions for the Prius are also among the lowest of any vehicle at around 89g/km. The newer models are much quieter than the ones that went before it - there is very little noise when the petrol engine is running and it's almost silent when the electric motor is being used so owners should be aware that cyclists and pedestrians will barely hear the car approaching.

Equipment and handling

The Prius is the world's most famous eco-car which comes with solid green credentials and also happens to be a very good vehicle to drive; it's also very cheap to run. There's no doubt too that the Prius has got a solid build with the interior being well-designed and laid out with most of the components made from quality materials. Standard equipment on this impressive car includes automatic air con, electric windows and alloy wheels. Higher spec models also get a reversing camera, satnav, Bluetooth connectivity and an impressive audio system. Options for the Prius include a solar panel sunroof that will keep the car cool while it is parked-up. Handling is also aided by an excellent electronic stability control and traction control as well as brake assist, all fitted as standard.

More information about the Toyota Prius

Why not have a look at the Prius on the official Toyota UK company website and get the latest news about the Prius in the UK at The UK Toyota Owners' Club.


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