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The Tesla Model X is an all-electric SUV that impresses on just about every level. There's not only a lot of space to enjoy, but it's also a very quick creation.


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Leasing a Tesla Model X

Fortunately, the Tesla Model X comes with four-wheel-drive as standard which helps provide the grip for the startling levels of performance. The car can be bought as either a Performance or Long Range model with both delivering supercar levels of performance - the Performance model will sprint from 0 to 62 mph in just 2.7 seconds. The Long Range version will do the same sprint in 4.4 seconds. Those are very impressive figures and for the size of the car, it's an excellent response and one to enjoy. The range for the 100 kW battery is around 314 miles and the battery will take around 14 hours to charge with a wall-mounted home charger. Using a Tesla supercharger will take 40 minutes for the battery to recharge to 80% full.


The Tesla Model X is available as either a seven- or five-seater and there's plenty of space onboard for everyone plus luggage. The infotainment system is impressively high-tech and everyone will love the falcon wing rear doors which are hinged at the top to give easy access to the rear seats. The console is dominated with a 17-inch touchscreen that controls most of the Model X's functions. However, there's no missing the fact that this is still a practical family car for those wanting an all-electric choice with lots of gadgets. Around town, the Model X is a nippy performer and it's an ideal car for long distance motorway journeys with high comfort levels. There are a lot of safety features to help prevent collisions and the car will even accelerate, steer and brake for the driver while on motorways using the excellent autopilot function, though you need to keep your hands on the steering wheel when doing so. Essentially, the Tesla Model X ticks a lot of boxes and for those who are thinking of making the move from a premium marque SUV, then there's enough to impress on this car to encourage the switch.

More information about the Tesla Model X

Why not have a look at the Model X on the official Tesla UK company website and get the latest news about it at The UK Tesla Owners’ Group.


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