Skoda Octavia Review, Specs & Performance

The Skoda Octavia is the unrecognised hero of family hatchbacks! Spacious, well-appointed and unashamedly reliable. Check out our lease deals on the Skoda Octavia today.

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Overview of the Skoda Octavia

Look who’s laughing now! Once the butt of car jokes in the 1980’s Skoda, with their Octavia, perfectly demonstrates why this is no longer the case.

Many car enthusiasts will explain that this is effectively a Golf, just made in a different factory. And to a certain extent they are not far away with this comment. It’s based on the Volkswagen groups MQB platform which means its similar in design to the Audi A3 and Seat Leon. The Octavia however is slightly longer than a Golf and has a much larger boot at some 590 litres for the Hatchback and 610 litres for the estate.

Sitting inside the car the Volkswagen groups guidance becomes clear in the interior styling. Everything well laid out and very ergonomic, logical. We must confess that we like the ‘no-fuss’ approach applied here, it’s very intuitive to drive.

The range offering now includes a choice of three petrol engines and three diesel powerplants, plus an all-wheel drive option. Petrol’s go from a three-cylinder 115ps plant to the range topping VRs with 245ps from a two-litre turbo charged unit. Diesels start from the 1.6TDi with 115Ps all the way up to the range topping 2.0TDi with 184Ps in the VRs. The Vw groups ‘DSG’ gearbox is available throughout the range.

Skoda Octavia

Skoda Octavia in a nutshell

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