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NISSAN GT-R COUPE 3.8 Pure 2dr Auto


3.8 Pure 2dr Auto

4 years

£1,352.94inc VAT

£4,058.82 Initial Payment
10,000 miles p.a.

NISSAN GT-R COUPE 3.8 Recaro 2dr Auto


3.8 Recaro 2dr Auto

4 years

£1,378.56inc VAT

£4,135.68 Initial Payment
10,000 miles p.a.

NISSAN GT-R COUPE 3.8 Prestige 2dr Auto


3.8 Prestige 2dr Auto

4 years

£1,396.82inc VAT

£4,190.47 Initial Payment
10,000 miles p.a.

NISSAN GT-R COUPE SPECIAL EDITIONS 3.8 Track Edition Engineered By NISMO 2dr Auto


3.8 Track Edition Engineered By NISMO 2dr Auto

4 years

£1,485.65inc VAT

£4,456.94 Initial Payment
10,000 miles p.a.

Nissan GT-R from First Vehicle Leasing

Stunning great looks and performance

NISSAN GT-R COUPE 3.8 Pure 2dr Auto

Excellent handling for all-round impressive car

The Nissan GT-R offer stunning great looks and performance for drivers who want something out of the ordinary with excellent handling in an all-round impressive. Few rivals will beat the GT-R in a straight line.

Engines and performance for the Nissan GT-R

For drivers who want to enjoy a supercar performance without the price tag, then the Nissan GT-R is the next best thing since it offers a thrilling and fast ride to match its pricier rivals. There's the ride from the fact that the GT-R is an incredibly fast car and will travel from 0 to 62 mph in just 2.8 seconds.

Just to underline that performance, that far better than many of its more prestigious rivals can manage and, to re-emphasise the point, that 0 to 62 mph in less than three seconds.

Since its launch in 2008, and this has updated and upgraded its GT-R several times and boosted its comfort levels and performance too.

Under the bonnet is a turbocharged V-6 3.8 litre engine which produces an impressive 543 bhp which will push the Nissan GT-R to a top speed of 196 mph. With this level of performance, there are a range of safety features but the body and the suspension is also quite stiff to help deal with high speeds.

Equipment and handling

While the Nissan GT-R is an incredibly fast car in a straight line, there's more to it than just speed. This is a high performance car offering great handling and grip, particularly on corners.

Standard equipment includes a red engine, and alloy wheels and, unusually for a car like this, there are two small seats in the rear and a boot large enough for a suitcase. The GT-R also comes with climate control, 20 inch alloy wheels and 11 speaker stereo system.

With such a large engine the GTI is responsive in every gear and remains composed at speed in corners and the steering is responsive and direct while the car is ably supported by an electronic stability control system and adjustable dampers.

Nissan also supply a 'Track Pack' model which is upgraded brakes and suspension to boost its agility.

Essentially, the Nissan GT-R delivers on every supercar from that can be mentioned except for price. While it is an excellent car for the road it is really designed for the racetrack where its real potential can be exploited to the full and enjoyed.

More information about the Nissan GT-R

Why not have a look at the GT-R on the official Nissan UK company website and get the latest news about the GT-R at The GT-R owners' club and forum site. You may also like to see what they're saying about the GT-R on the Top Gear website.

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GT-R models available

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The GT-R from Nissan is a superb car

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