Mazda MX-30 Review, Specs & Performance

With a Mazda MX-30, you will get free delivery straight to your door, the full Mazda warranty, and road tax too. That means you don’t have to worry about all the extra details that come with buying a car. Just drive away with your brand new Mazda MX-30 with complete peace of mind.

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Overview of the Mazda MX-30

Impressive electric car has style, nice handling and high comfort levels

The Mazda MX-30 is a stylish electric car with impressive qualities. The comfort and equipment levels are high, and it is a nice car to drive, particularly around town.


One of the standout features for the electric contract hire Mazda MX-30 is its affordability. That's down to the small battery which then delivers a limited range of 124 miles.

While most rivals are delivering SUVs with much longer ranges, Mazda believes there is a need for a cheaper, fun to drive electric car without the price tag - which means the car leasing deals for the MX-30 are worth checking out.
The EV uses a 35.5kWh battery that takes six hours to recharge from a home wall box - and just 35 minutes using a rapid charger.
The electric motor delivers 143 bhp and the 0 to 62 mph sprint time is less than 10 seconds.

Mazda MX-30

Mazda MX-30 in a nutshell


There's a lot to like about the Mazda MX-30 car leasing range and this is a different take on what an electric vehicle should be.

Firstly, the battery's light weight offers more agility and better handling than electric cars with heavier battery packs. This means the MX-30 is great fun to drive around town and it is also a stable and comfortable car to drive on motorways.

Mazda highlights that 95% of its target market will be driving under 60 miles every day so it could be an ideal choice for those wanting a well-equipped SUV for the work commute, or the school run.

On the road, the steering gives good feedback, and the interior has been well designed with a futuristic look and good use of materials. There’s vegan-friendly upholstery, recycled plastic bottles for the door trims and the door inserts are made with cork.

Standard equipment includes satnav and a head-up display, a seven-inch digital instrument display and an adjustable driver's seat. There's also adaptive cruise control, smartphone compatibility and 18-inch alloy wheels.

Other models in the leasing range feature a rearview camera, LED headlights, keyless entry, a heated steering wheel, a sunroof and a premium stereo system.

One issue that some drivers may have is with the rear-opening back doors which is an interesting offering that makes getting in and out of the cabin very easy. It's certainly worth checking out the practicality of the doors on a test run.

The MX-30 has a five-star safety rating for crash testing when it was tested by Euro NCAP with very high results in each category. Safety features include autonomous emergency braking, driver attention alert and lane-keeping assist. Mazda has also fitted an e-Call system that will contact the emergency services should the vehicle be involved in an accident.

This electric vehicle is up against the likes of the Honda e and the Mini Electric, with the Mazda creation offering a more rewarding drive. Having said that, there's enough about the Mazda MX-30 car leasing range to impress and this is certainly an EV to consider as a contract hire option.


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