Jeep Wrangler Review, Specs & Performance

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Overview of the Jeep Wrangler

Excellent off-roading SUV

Lots of equipment and style

The Jeep Wrangler is an excellent off-roading SUV and one of the best to buy for these abilities. There's also a lot of equipment and a long list of personalisation options.

Engines and performance for the Jeep Wrangler

When the Jeep Wrangler was relaunched as an all-new offering in 2019, it delivered two new engines. They are a 2.0 litre four-cylinder turbocharged petrol unit and the turbocharged 2.2 litre MultiJet II engine. The diesel unit produces 200 HP with torque of 450 Nm and the petrol engine delivers 272 HP with torque of 410 Nm. For the Wrangler, all engine choices are mated to an impressive eight-speed automatic transmission.

Equipment and handling

The new Jeep Wrangler is instantly recognisable and builds on the firm's traditional and iconic motoring heritage. From the wheel arches and seven-slot grille, the Wrangler also has removable doors and a folding windscreen. The new design offers a rugged SUV with bold design lines and is a fully open 4x4 offering a range of tops to suit the driver's needs, including a one-touch power top, a soft top and a three-panel removable hardtop. The car's interior offers functionality and versatility with easy-to-use features and it's a comfortable cabin with quality materials being used. There is a 7-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system and smartphone connectivity. There's a range of security and safety systems including rear cross path detection, a rear view camera and electronic stability control that features electronic roll mitigation. There's also a list of 180 personalisation options to suit the driver's lifestyle. The Wrangler offers good road on-road abilities with impressive driving dynamics but it really feels at home when taken off-road where its capabilities can be put to the test – it’s these talents that place the Wrangler at the top end of 4x4s. To help off-roading, there are on-demand full-time systems and either two- or four-wheel drive options along with limited slip differential to help ensure the driver does not lose control, regardless of the terrain. While it is easily recognisable as a Jeep Wrangler, the car offers one of the best options for those who need to go off-road and a stylish alternative for those who like a comfortable car to drive around town and on motorways but who perhaps want the opportunity of enjoying off-roading safely and securely.

More information about the Jeep Wrangler

Why not have a look at the Wrangler on the official Jeep UK company website and get the latest news about the car at The Jeep UK Owners' Club.

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler in a nutshell

With a Jeep Wrangler, you’ll get a great car packed with the latest innovative technology for an affordable price.

What’s more, the Jeep Wrangler has been designed with the driver in mind, giving you a smooth and comfortable driving experience while driving across the country on UK roads.

All of that, coupled with the flexibility to choose standard Jeep features and add-ons that work for you, gives you every incentive to choose the Wrangler

Where to buy a Jeep Wrangler

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