Ford Mustang Mach-E Review, Specs & Performance

Electric SUV offers range, pace and practicality.

The heritage of the legendry Ford Mustang gets electrified. Now, there is a guilt-free performance Mustange for you and all the family to enjoy.

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Overview of the Ford Mustang Mach-E

Excellent electric crossover

Accomplished and well-made car. The contract hire Ford Mustang Mach-E offers an electric crossover SUV that impresses. It's a well-made and comfortable car that deliver 379 miles range in an excellent offering.


The Ford Mustang Mach-E car lease comes with a range of battery choices to suit drivers’ needs and lifestyles. The top-end version uses an 88kWh battery for the 379 miles of range, while the 68kWh battery offers 273 miles of range with front-wheel drive – and less in the all-wheel drive version. The standard model delivers an impressive 266 bhp, while the Extended Range version offers 346 bhp with two electric motors. This means the Mustang-E can sprint from 0 to 62mph in less than seven seconds.

Ford Mustang Mach-E

Ford Mustang Mach-E in a nutshell


This is not a Mustang car that most car fans will recognise but the contract hire Ford Mustang Mach-E is an accomplished and impressive electric crossover.

Perhaps the big attraction is that it offers 379 miles of range on a single charge but also has a functional interior – plus it's a great car to drive.

This is the first electric crossover from Ford and has been designed from the ground up and it takes on the likes of the impressive Jaguar F-Pace and the Tesla Model 3. In many ways, this is an important car for Ford and highlights what their future EV offerings will be like.

The exterior design is sleek and attractive, and the interior is a radical departure for the Blue Oval. It has been inspired by EV rivals, with a very nice 15-inch portrait touchscreen dominating the dash. Drivers also get a 10.2-inch digital instrument display.

The cabin is spacious with room for tall adults and the boot size is 519 litres. There's also additional space under the bonnet - it's 81 litres in size - and Ford refers to this as the 'frunk'.

This is a practical car that is rewarding to drive around town, and it is a very smooth motorway cruiser.

Indeed, the Mach-E comes with three driving modes to suit the driver’s style and circumstances. The modes see the throttle being made sharper though in Whisper mode, the Mach-E will boost the battery’s range.

As this is Ford's first foray into the EV sector, it's packed with safety features including an evasive steering system to avoid obstacles, as well as autonomous emergency braking and lane-keeping assist.

The interior has been well-designed with good use of premium materials, but this is reflected in the price, so it is worth checking the leasing prices for the Ford Mustang Mach-E before buying.

The car also comes with Ford's latest Sync4 infotainment offering which is easy-to-use with sharp graphics. Standard equipment includes all-round parking sensors, heated seats, automatic headlights and adaptive cruise control. There’s also a rear-view camera, heated steering wheel and dual-zone climate control. The extended range versions feature a hands-free tailgate, a panoramic sunroof, a top stereo system and automatic parking.

Essentially, the Ford Mustang Mach-E car lease is an important EV for the carmaker and this offering is a well thought out and impressive creation that is a sound alternative for those wanting to lease an electric car.


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