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BMW I8 COUPE 2dr Auto


2dr Auto

4 years

£1,511.78inc VAT

£4,535.35 Initial Payment
10,000 miles p.a.

BMW I8 COUPE SPECIAL EDITION Protonic Silver Edition 2dr Auto


Protonic Silver Edition 2dr Auto

4 years

£1,567.75inc VAT

£4,703.26 Initial Payment
10,000 miles p.a.

BMW I8 COUPE SPECIAL EDITION Protonic Frozen Yellow Edition 2dr Auto


Protonic Frozen Yellow Edition 2dr Auto

4 years

£1,684.84inc VAT

£5,054.51 Initial Payment
10,000 miles p.a.

BMW i8 from First Vehicle Leasing

Futuristic coupe with incredible performance

BMW I8 COUPE 2dr Auto

Handles like a supercar

The i8 is a futuristic coupe with incredible performance. More importantly, it handles like a supercar but delivers the economy of a family hatchback.

Engines and performance for the BMW i8

With its head-turning good looks, the BMW i8 is a car to set a new trend - for one thing it's an electric hybrid car. Drivers will find three sources of power on board; there are two electric motors driving the front wheels and 1.5 litre petrol turbocharged engine powering the rear wheels. The result is that the i8 has an incredible 357bhp which makes it more powerful than most of its rivals. All this and fuel economy of 134mpg and CO2 emissions of 49g/km (though, to be fair, owners in the real world are saying it's actual economy is 40+mpg so drivers will need to utilise the batteries to have a higher fuel economy). The batteries are charged as the i8 travels and there’s also a charger available that enables recharging to take place in two hours. Made from aluminium and carbon fibre, the BMW i8 is also very light, despite the weight of its batteries, but it helps contribute to its incredible levels of performance. This car will sprint from 0 to 62mph in just over four seconds and has a top speed of 155 mph.

Equipment and handling

Handling for the i8 is, as one would expect, exceptional. This is a stylish sports car that offers lots of fun behind the wheel and with three driving settings, the car can be adapted for various purposes. It handles well on corners and is also comfortable for long journeys, with the mode set to 'comfort'. The suspension is excellent and the automatic gearbox moves swiftly to ensure acceleration is seamless. There's also four-wheel-drive which helps the car grip the road and because of its light weight it's a nimble and agile performer. As a head-turning petrol/electric plug-in hybrid, there's nothing out there to touch the i8 currently.

Essentially, the BMW i8 offers a tantalising glimpse into the future of sports cars with a vehicle that offers super car performance and economy of a family car. One day all sports coupes will be like this!

More information about the BMW i8

Why not have a look at the i8 on the official BMW i8 website and get the latest news about the i8 in the UK at the BMW i8 owners' club and forum site. You may also like to see what they're saying about it on the Top Gear website.

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I8 models available

First Vehicle Leasing have a full range of BMW I8 models, and their options, including the

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The I8 from BMW is a superb car

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